Top 10 Car insurance Providers in South Africa

In practically every sphere of life, there are ‘TopTen” lists It’s no surprise then that car insurance also has its Top Ten Car insurance Providers.

The ranking is mostly subjective, depending on the attributes the person doing the ranking views as most important. However, someone did a survey and came up with a list of top ten car insurance providers in the country.

The list is based on what they think most people look for in insurers. Here they are in no particular order: Sanlam, Outsurance, Mutual and Federal, Budget, Discovery, Indwe, AA, 1st for Women, Auto General and Virgin Money.

Common factors when Considering the Top Ten Car insurance Providers

While specific needs may differ, there are some basic requirements that all potential buyers look for in an insurance provider.

Everyone wants value for money. The benefits a policy offers versus the premium it demands will be one of the key factors they look for.

In line with this, policyholders will rate a car insurance provider according to how responsive they are in terms of settling claims. Insurers across the board have a reputation for being quick to sign policyholders up but slow in processing claims.

Top ten car insurance providers

Another common denominator that applies to most South Africans when looking for car insurance is their level of income. Those with a lower budget will want companies that offer basic packages with low premiums.

If you earn more then you would require a policy with a comprehensive list of benefits covering everything from accidents to regular maintenance.

Other considerations More specific to Individuals and Families:



If you have a job that requires a lot of travelling, you need the assurance of still being able to move around even if your car is grounded by repair work.

Therefore, look for a company that offers a policy which guarantees you a loan car while yours is undergoing repairs. You will also want a provider with a reputation for fast response whenever their clients need emergency assistance.

If you are retired and rarely use your car, there is no need for this benefit as it is usually expensive. You should look for a policy that allows you to pay as you drive to avoid high premiums. This applies if you work from home and rarely drive long distances.

Social status

For many single mothers, quick, reliable roadside assistance will be a priority when looking at automobile insurance. Guaranteed additional medical assistance could also be of help.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 5, 2018