Mutual and Federal Reviews

How do customers rate the company in Mutual and Federal reviews?

  1. They appreciate that they offer all kinds of insurance ‘under one roof.’
  2. They put their trust in a company that has been around for more than 180 years
  3. Affordable cover made up of comprehensive cover, 3rd part only & 3rd party, fire and theft
  4. Their claims management services are better than most other insurers
  5. They like to say that they are always open to improvement in all areas

Of course, everyone wants comprehensive car insurance because everybody knows how costly repairs are after a car accident. In South Africa, people want good car insurance because they know how easily a car is stolen. You go inside a shop for a few minutes and you return to find your car gone – stolen.

Mutual and Federal ReviewsVery few people can afford to buy another car similar to the one they had, and without insurance and the means to get another car, they might have to resort to getting around on a bicycle – if they’ve got one.

Every Kind of Insurance Available

Mutual and Federal has recently changed their name to Old Mutual Insure. They offer car, homeowners and household insurance as well as personal goods and personal liability insurance. For those people who have trailers, boats and caravans, insurance is provided for these as well.  They’re the oldest short-term insurer in South Africa and their history goes back more than 180 years.

Tailored Insurance

The aim of Mutual and Federal is to create a policy that suits each customer’s individual needs and which is also tailored to your budget.  The giant insurer provides affordable products made up of comprehensive cover, 3rd party only and third party, fire and theft.

Mutual and Federal provides access to both car insurance and home insurance. Their range of options include allsure, surewise, Insurance 4 all and iWYZE, and between these, customers are covered for a range of damages and theft surrounding buildings, cars and household goods.

Complaints in Mutual and Federal Reviews

According to a report from the office of the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance -OSTI – Mutual & Federal’s overturn rate in 2016 was 24.97%, which is lower than the industry average of 27.274%. This puts Mutual & Federal among the industry leaders in complaints management – better than other intermediated insurers.

Mutual & Federal agrees that there is still room for improvement. Paying claims promptly is a service which is looked upon as highly important, and claims are paid out promptly. The insurer says that they are an industry leader according to the 2016 OSTI results and that they take customer services seriously.

If this is so, what are their customers saying about them? When you look at Mutual and Federal reviews on HelloPeter, a free website facility that allows customers to voice their grievances about shoddy services, you see that there are a few people with ‘bad service’ issues with Mutual & Federal. They say the insurer doesn’t answer their phone calls or emails and that the assessors are rude and unprofessional.

The whole intention of HelloPeter is to provide customers with a public platform where they can raise valid complaints and in so doing, let others write Mutual & Federal reviews based on these complaints.

Mutual & Federal or Old Mutual Insure is a leading insurance company in Southern Africa. What’s your take on them after reading customer reviews on their products and services? You can contact them telephonically on 0860 22 55 63.


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All info was correct at time of publishing February 9, 2019