Insuring The Sound Equipment In Your Car Is Sound Advice

If you have just bought yourself a new car and have splashed out on trendy accessories, one of them might be state-of-the art sound equipment to impress your friends.

In South Africa though, thieves target sound equipment. You will need to take out the proper insurance cover to protect it, as you may find yourself paying for an empty gap in your car where the sound equipment was wrenched out.

Outsurance, launched in February 1998 and are highly sought after for their world class insurance products such as their car insurances which cover all sorts of mishaps.

Specify Your Sound Equipment and Additional Accessories

Sound Equipment

If you do not specify all the extra vehicle accessories with your insurance company, you will not be provided with the necessary cover.

Yes, they will pay out for any damages incurred to your car, but if you want your insurance company to compensate you for your new sound system, they must know about it.

As soon as you have let them know about these extra accessories, they will be able to assist for damages or losses you incur such as intentional damage, acts of nature, fire or theft.

It is good to know that if you claim only on the special accessories and not on the factory fitted accessories, you only pay for the fixed vehicle accessories excess which will be much lower. Those accessories which came as standard with your car are automatically covered.

Your Woofers Tweeters Sub-Woofers and Front Loaders are All Insured – (The Insurance Company will Translate)

Your sound system can mean your speakers, the sub-woofers, amplifiers, tweeters, radios, the DVD players, navigation systems as well as the front loaders. If you make it known that you have factory-fitted sound equipment, you benefit from a lower vehicle excess at claim time. However, if you wish to insure non-factory fitted sound gear, tell your insurance provider so that they can add this to your car insurance.

If you Live for Your Music, Get on the Band-wagon with Outsurance 

Look at Outsurance schedules to check out what vehicle as well as sound equipment excess amounts are. The team is available on 08 600 70 000 and they will assist you with your claim.

If you have comprehensive car insurance and you want to claim for any sound equipment stolen from your vehicle, any damage caused to your vehicle as a result will be paid for. This will be for example any damage to locks or windows that have been smashed.

You will need to pay the sound equipment excess, or glass only excess, or the vehicle excess. Confirm with your claims consultant which one applies to your specific case.

With Outsurance You are Properly Covered

Should you have limited insurance coverage, Outsurance will pay damage to your car only where the sound equipment has been specified. They will also pay damage for your sound equipment where it was not specified but it formed part of the standard factory-fitted sound equipment of your vehicle.

Check with Outsurance and make sure that not only your car, but your accessories are all insured.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 5, 2018