Santam Online Car Insurance Quotes.

A prominent South African insurance company offers Santam online car Insurance quotes. Their motto, ‘insurance good and proper,’ is their pledge to provide reliable and high-quality insurance to meet the unique needs of all their clients.

Their top class services and products are provided mainly under their well known Commercial, Personal and Specialist portfolios. Santam deems their success to be derived from their determined and continued adaptability to an ever-changing insurance landscape.

Santam Online Car Insurance Quotes are what you need to get

They offer options both to individuals and businesses. Santam Online Car Insurance QuotesYour car is not only one of their greatest assets; it’s also an essential part of their day to day living.

As cars are such a vital component in people’s lives and considering the many car hazards presenting on a daily basis, as a result of an increase in crime, it makes perfect sense for people to ensure that they insure their vehicles.

Santam offers their clients a facility on their website for checking whether their vehicle cover will suffice, should a car claim arise.

The types of Vehicle insurance cover available

Clients have the option of selecting the cover for the following three different scenarios:

Comprehensive Cover

It’s an all-inclusive option relating to personal vehicle damages, unintentional loss of one’s vehicle and it also takes care of any obligation to persons not directly covered by the policy.

Limited Cover

This option only covers inadvertent loss or damage to a vehicle caused by fire, lightning, theft or explosion.

Also included is cover should a third party claim be raised.

Third party only

This cover is self-explanatory in that it only applies when a client is by law required to pay another party for causing damaged to their vehicle.

Comprehensive Cover Value Added Benefits

Opting for the Comprehensive cover options, opens doors to other value added benefits among which are the following:

  • Accommodation in case of emergencies,
  • Costs payable to emergency establishments,
  • Trauma treatment,
  • The cost of replacing keys, locks and remote controls, and
  • Cover for vehicle replacement in instances of loss and theft.


Comprehensively Insured Vehicles – Specialised Additional Options

Insured clients have the option of waiving the required co-payment.

Owners of luxury vehicles get additional cover among others for tow-in expenses, security for vehicles should a mechanical failure occur and loss of keys.

For an additional monthly contribution, 4×4 insured vehicles can also be covered explicitly for their type of vehicle and a variety of other value added options.

The other great option is that clients can elect cover for trailer or caravan contents, and even itemised vehicle fixtures.

The question that remains is: “Should you choose Santam”? – Santam Online Car Insurance Quotes

Santam not only offer all of the options mentioned above; they also reward good driving behaviour after two years with a no claims cash-back bonus.

Consider all your options and contact Santam today for a free car insurance quote.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 19, 2018