Car Insurance with a Cash Bonus from Outsurance

Paying your car insurance can be quite a whack of money every month. And, let’s face it, it is a grudge payment – after all, you may never even need to claim on it at all. Car insurance with a cash bonus from Outsurance is a good option.

In fact, the idea of paying all that money out on a monthly basis may rile you up so much that you are bound to want to claim for everything that you can, just to get your money’s worth.

After all, if you don’t claim you could very well never get anything out.

And doesn’t it just rile you that those people who do claim for every little thing make insurance more expensive for the rest of us as well? You can go your whole life without making a claim but still be subject to higher premiums because people have caused insurance to be expensive by claiming too often.

Car Insurance with a car insurance with a cash bonusCash Bonus

With your car insurance policy from Outsurance, you don’t ever have to feel that way again. Outsurance will make sure that you do get something out at the end of the day.

You have the peace of mind of knowing that you are safe if you need to claim.  And the satisfaction of knowing that Outsurance will reward you if you do not claim.

Car insurance with a cash bonus from Outsurance

Outsurance understands how you feel and believes that you should receive rewards for not claiming. For the last 14 years, the concept of the Outbonus has led people to expect more from their insurance companies.

In the past, you paid your premium every month. So if you needed to claim, you got something out. If you didn’t, you’d essentially paid all that money for nothing.

Is it any wonder then that pulling one over on the insurance companies became such a favourite sport? You were only getting out what you deserved, after all.

Now, though, you can get something out without needing to scam your insurance company. Outsurance will reward you for not claiming.

What is the Deal?

Here’s the deal – if you don’t claim on your policy during three successive years, you will receive 10% of your premiums back in cash to spend as you wish.

Two years after this initial Outbonus, if you still haven’t claimed, you’ll get back another 10% of the premiums that you pay.

After this, you get an annual Outbonus each year totalling 10% of your premiums for not claiming on your policy. Essentially that means that seven out of ten years without a claim will land you seven different Outbonuses of 10% each.

Is the Money Applied to my Policy?

No. The money is in your bank account, and you get to decide what it is that you want to buy. You can use it to pay off your credit card or blow it all on champagne – whatever you like.

Does this Apply to Only Some Policies?

The Outbonus applies to all vehicle and house insurance policies offered by Outsurance


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All info was correct at time of publishing December 6, 2018