Woolworths has virtually fed and clothed most people, now they bring you Woolworths Car Insurance. Different kinds of insurance made to protect you as a vehicle owner from loss of any kind.

Woolworths also offers household insurance. This protects homeowners from loss as a result of intentional damage, natural disasters and other events.

There is cell phone insurance for those with expensive phones and there is also travel insurance. With such an extensive range of products you should look no further than the Woolworths brand for your insurance needs.

Woolworths Car Insurance Comes in Three Types

Woolworths Car InsuranceWoolworths motor vehicle insurance comes in three main categories: Comprehensive cover, Third party only cover and Third party fire and theft. You should be aware of each of them when getting car insurance quotes.

Woolworths comprehensive insurance is the most popular of all the car insurance covers. That is because it covers many types of loss.

If someone steals your car or fire destroys it, Woolworths Car Insurance will replace it for you. If you are in an accident and your car incurs damage,  Woolworths will have it repaired for you. Besides this, if you or anyone else incurs injury in the accident, you will have cover for expenses.

You have cover for the costs of towing your vehicle and storing it. You can use a hired vehicle while yours is at the garage and Woolworths Car Insurance will pay for the cost.

Apart from this, if other people incur injury by your car, whether you were the one driving it or someone you gave it to, Woolworths offers compensation.

Third party, vehicle and theft cover

With a third party, vehicle and theft cover, you receive compensation if fire, an explosion or lightning destroys your car. If your car incurs damage in an attempted robbery, you will receive compensation. If someone steals your car, you will receive compensation as well.

In case of damage to the car, the insurance company will take care of the cost of towing the car to the nearest mechanic, like in the comprehensive car insurance. For this however, you must use the towers recommended by Woolworths Car Insurance.

Woolworths Car Insurance Makes the Difference

As the name indicates, if you have third party only cover you will not be compensated in case your vehicle is damaged in an accident or by fire or a natural disaster. The only benefit is that in case of an accident where other people are injured or suffer loss because of your car, they will be compensated.

This is a budget car insurance for those who can only afford the minimum cover. It is the cheapest car insurance that Woolworths offers.

Woolworths – It’s Worth It

When getting a Woolworths car insurance quote you can also get the other smaller car insurance covers that compensate for the small things these main insurance covers do not cater for.

For example the Woolworth Car Insurance sound system cover which compensates you if your car’s music system is damaged in an accident or by fire.

To get a car insurance quote from Woolworths you can get in touch with them from the contact details on their site. It doesn’t seem possible to get Woolworths car insurance quotes online.

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All info was correct at time of publishing July 4, 2018