Steps to Filing a Car Insurance Claim

Nothing can be as bad as having a horrible accident involving your vehicle and not knows what steps to follow to ensure a fair and honest claim.This was when you wished you have filing a car insurance claim. Most people who take out car insurance know nothing about claims. When the time comes to lodge a claim, they leave important information out or settle for an agreement from another party due to a lack of knowledge on how to file a claim themselves. If you need some assistance as to how exactly you should handle a claim, read on through our helpful information on filing a car insurance claim.

Contact the Police

The first thing you need to do is communicate with the proper authorities. They will take down all the details regarding your claim. They will ensure safety and contact other services such as an ambulance or emergency services in case of severe injury or dangerous leaking of fuel or oil. The police will also be there for assistance if they get difficult. If someone else helps out with your claim is a good idea, especially after an accident, since you’ll probably be in shock.

filing a car insurance claim

Collect All Information Needed

Your car insurance company will provide you with a set list of information needed when filing a claim. Make sure that you always have the list at hand or know it by heart. You need to collect all information necessary for your specific claim to ensure ease when filing your claim.

Filing a Car Insurance Claim – Call Your Insurance

Call your insurance company straight away. You need to do this from the scene of the accident that occurred. You can either do this while waiting for the police or after they have arrived. They will assist you through the process and make sure that you know which information to provide. By not calling them, you can end up spending unnecessary money. If your vehicle is not driveable, your insurance company will tow your car. This is only when you have cover for towing.

Claims Specialist

The insurance company will assign a claims specialist to you once they receive the claim. The designated specialist will take over all communication with any third parties involved or their insurance company. They will investigate all circumstances and help you submit the claim and have a garage fix your car.

Fixing your Car and Claiming Payment

Once all investigation is done, an estimate of how much your car will cost to fix will be given to you. You will also be informed how the claim will play out. After all information regarding your claim is provided to you and an agreement is made between you and the specialist, your car can be repaired.

By following these guidelines, filing a car insurance claim is a walk in the park.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 13, 2018