Riot Insurance For Your Car

Life in South Africa is a riot, can you afford to be without riot insurance?

Shocking scenes of panga wielding barbarians burning tyres, hurling rocks and vandalism are part of life in South Africa.

It was in 2012 that South Africa earned the title of ‘Protest capital of the world’, and things aren’t letting up one bit. Riot insurance for your car has become a real consideration.

Riot InsuranceĀ for the Day Your Dreams go Up in Flames

Riot Insurance for Your CarEvery South African has a right to be seriously concerned about their safety and their property’s safety.

Widespread looting and massive damage to property has meant many South Africans having to re-look at their insurance policies to see whether their cars and other property are covered for damages.

Riot insurance for your car is important because South Africa’s recent history is one of political and social activism, resulting in severe damage to property. Most times your insurance isn’t going to cover this kind of loss, and it is for this reason that people ensure that SASRIA cover is part of their insurance policies.

SASRIA is state-owned and provides cover for loss or damage to insured property because of riots and strikes.

Riot Insurance – Make Sure SASRIA Cover is Included in Your Insurance Policy

It is important for anyone with short-term insurance to make sure that SASRIA riot insurance cover is included in their underlying policy. It applies to personal property such as cars, homes and household contents as well as commercial property being vandalised.

SASRIA is automatically included in your car insurance policy and even when your vehicle has been paid off, your SASRIA cover will continue as long as your insurance policy does.

There is vehicle insurance in South Africa which covers damage to vehicles as a result of a riot, but every car owner simply needs to check with their insurance companies what exactly their riot insurance cover entails.

Most companies offering insurance will add SASRIA cover to an insurance policy and this can be done for a very small amount each month.

SASRIA (South African Special Risks Insurance Association) was formed in 1979 to provide insurance cover for special political risks such as riots, strikes and labour disturbances. Sasria SOC Limited is a short-term insurance company whose mission it is is insure all the people and businesses that have assets in South Africa.

Riot Insurance – Cover for You When Your Insurance Company Won’t Cover You

Sasria cover is designed to strengthen the insurance that is offered by insurers, but that is excluded on the basis of it being caused by extraordinary circumstances that the insurance companies are not prepared to assume risk for.’

To get riot insurance for these events, clients need to have a conventional insurance policy for their business, and then Sasria will provide add-on benefits to that insurance product.

SASRIA covers accidental or deliberate damage to your property caused by individuals and groups taking part in a riot. It doesn’t cover loss or damage brought about by deliberate slowing down of work, loss or damage brought about by nuclear weapons or chemical agents.

Riot Insurance – Rioting can Flare Up anytime So You Had BetterĀ Be Prepared

One of the best ways to protect yourself from riot damage is to stay right away from where the riots are happening. However rioting can flare up anywhere, anytime in South Africa and living in such a country requires being covered for every event.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 5, 2018