All About Unity Insurance

Unity understands that an accident can happen to every one of us throughout life.

Without adequate insurance, we could find ourselves having to pay out a lot of money which could lead to financial ruin. A small monthly premium for even a basic insurance policy won’t break the bank!

Today, you can insure everything, your life, your health, your wife, your kids, your dog and any other possession you may have.

Unity Insurance adds Value to Your Policy requirements


There are many insurance policies out there. So do research and invest in the best insurance where you don’t spend a fortune but get adequate cover.

Also, make sure that the insurance provider you choose is in good standing so there is no cheating concerning the products and services you your policy includes.

Unity Insurance covers anyone looking for products and services that meet their needs. Their aim is to provide customers with benefits and services that can add value to their lives.

Some other details about Unity Insurance –

  • Unity’s offices are in Johannesburg and they started in 2004.
  • Backed by Budget car insurance.
  • Their insurance products are for individuals and business owners.
  • Personal cover offers a number of options – Vehicle, motorcycle, watercraft, caravan and trailer, as well as home contents cover.
  • Customers will have a number of short-term insurance products available throughout South Africa.
  • Most favourite products are the car and household insurance as well as funeral cover.

Different Types of car insurance available –

Comprehensive Insurance – there is cover for the customer’s vehicle, as well as the other driver’s car

3rd Party Fire & Theft Insurance – you can claim if the vehicle is stolen or for specific damage to the car. Damages caused to other parties’ property is also covered.

3rd Party Only Insurance – you’re covered for third party claims.

Off-Road Comprehensive Insurance – you can claim for any damage to the vehicle, or if it is stolen, and claim for damages you caused to other property.

When you take out car insurance with Unity; you automatically qualify for their Siyabonga Bonus. This bonus pays out cash after four years of not making any claims.

It rewards clients with their entire 1st years or 25% of premiums back. The Siyabonga Bonus also includes Assist benefits such as Road Assist, Medical Assist, Trauma Assist, Entertainment Assist, Home and Legal Assist.

If more Information is Needed you need to Do more Research

When it comes to insurance, Unity provides much of what other insurance companies offer. They provide basic information on their website, which puts many people off when looking for insurance. Their good customer reviews, however, suggest they can provide something worthwhile and useful.

Unity Financial Services says that the ‘U’ in their name stands for ‘U’, the customer, and they want to give you products that will enhance your lifestyle without emptying your pockets.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 14, 2018