Santam Reviews Shows Santam to be the Leading Car Insurer in SA

Why do Santam reviews show it to be among the Best SA insurance firms?

  1. Established in 1918 – this longevity speaks of excellent and reliability
  2. They help clients make the right insurance investments to keep safe
  3. Santam provides customers with simple, straightforward cover
  4. They reward good drivers with a cash-back bonus after 2 years with no claims
  5. While other companies spend money and time on offers and deals, Santam generates useful content to inform and alert drivers.


Car insurance is mandatory in most countries. However, it’s not mandatory in South Africa, the country with the poorest driving standards. Surveys conducted suggest that young drivers aren’t adequately prepared to be on the roads even.

It’s a known fact that many South Africans simply bribe their way into buying their licences. They pay the officials anything between R2 500 and R4 300 and are on the roads in no time at all.

Santam ReviewsWith an untold number of unlicensed drivers on the road, plus many unroadworthy vehicles, without car insurance, you would never have the financial means to repair your car over and over again because of driving on treacherous roads.

Even the Most Basic Insurance is Better than Nothing

Driving around with car insurance in South Africa can at least provide some kind of peace – even if you take the most basic insurance. In case you cause injury or death to a third party, the car insurance policy at least provides compensation. Comprehensive car insurance is so popular because it protects you and your car from natural calamities as well as damages.

A Leading General Insurer – ‘Insurance Good and Proper’

Santam offers all kinds of car insurance. They are the top leading general insurer in South Africa. Reviews show them to be among the best car insurance firms in South Africa.

They provide a diverse range of insurance products and services, serving more than a million policyholders made up of individuals, commercial and specialist business owners and institutions. They have their brand promise – ‘ Insurance good and proper’.


Santam Reviews Include Many Accolades

Santam says that it is their commitment to their customers that has ensured that both consumers and brokers have voted them one of the most reliable insurers.

The South African Customer Satisfaction Index (Sacsi) has also given Santam the thumbs up. They are an industry benchmark survey and they say that Santam has been revealed as the top insurer in South Africa and for 3 years in a row. No wonder Santam reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

When it comes to paying claims and responding to customers, they are the best. In 2016 Santam was also voted Personal Insurer of the Year by the Financial Intermediary Association (FIA). They have also raked in accolades from the annual Loerie Awards and Sunday Times Top Brands survey.

Is Everyone Treated the Same?

Maybe companies like Santam come across well because they treat people in so-called high-ranking positions well but when it comes to their ‘lowly’ customers they could care less.

If you look on HelloPeter which is a ‘sounding board’ website for customers and the brands they use, Santam reviews include a number of negative comments. In fact, when you ask for customer comments on HelloPeter regarding Santam you immediately see the words ‘Worst experience ever. Stay away from SANTAM or you get hurt badly. Warning.


People complaining about Santam go on to say that ‘these Santam Insurance guys arrogantly bully and cheat people …’ They go on to say that they want to start a petition to stop the ‘shady insurance money making scheme’.

Santam offers its customers the opportunity to invest in car insurance which has been tailored to suit their pocket. They pay out more money in claims than any other insurer in South Africa. They offer car insurance which covers all your needs.

Would you trust them with your car insurance? If you want a quote from Santam, they offer a short online quote that will take half a minute to fill in – they’re waiting for your call.

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All info was correct at time of publishing February 8, 2019