How to Get Car Insurance from Outsurance

The much appreciated Outsurance Pointsmen Project is enough to make anyone want to support Outsurance as an insurance company. Here’s how to get car insurance.

Outsurance gets heaps of stressful drivers to their destinations in time because of their skilled pointsmen. Assigned to high-traffic intersections, Outsurance also provides thousands of motorists with car insurance.

OutSurance launched in 1998. Most South Africans are familiar with their principle – ‘you always get something out’.  It is the great service culture of the Outsurance pointsmen for instance, which attracts clients to Outsurance. Their staff are trained in ethics so as to offer quality products and services to their clients.

How to Get Car Insurance – World-Class Services

How to Get Car Insurance in South Africa
They’re all about giving clients world-class services, so they make it easy for their customers to get car insurance from them. One or two excellent aspects of getting car insurance from Outsurance:

  • claim-free clients receive a cash OUTbonus
  • insurance products are affordable and straightforward.
  • there are no surprises
  • fixed premiums with Outsurance for the entire year
  • choose car insurance tailored to your budget and needs
  • free Help@OUT roadside emergency assistance service 24/7
  • no broker fees or commissions mean monthly savings of as much as 25%


How to Get Car Insurance – Hail Damage

Car insurance from Outsurance comes standard with a host of benefits such as fast claim settlements, the cash Outbonus of 10% of your premiums back after three years of no claims, a fixed excess as well as hail damage cover as standard.

Car insurance is made so easy with Outsurance. Their online form requires you to complete just a few personal details, to click on submit and to wait just a few seconds. You’ll receive car insurance quotes that will be amazingly appropriate for your specific needs.

Of course, if you don’t want to apply for a car insurance quote online, you can call OUTsurance on 08 600 60 000 now for a quote. In fact, you can get your car insurance quotes as well as home, life and business insurance all sorted out with just a click of a button.  Once you have completed the online quote form, one of the sales advisors will call you back shortly.

All your Car Insurance Queries Answered

Outsurance has designed car insurance packages to guarantee that you’ll always be insured. Their well-trained advisors are full of knowledge and are more than able to help you to get the best car insurance product there is for your unique insurance needs, and always at prices which are affordable.

Put Outsurance to the Test

The days of driving around, faxing and making heaps of calls are over. Getting insurance online has never been easier, more so with an award-winning company like Outsurance. When you do research on them, you will find that you never have to subsidise those bad-risk clients unfairly. The premium you pay will accord with your unique risk profile. Outsurance invites you to put them to the test and get your online car insurance quote right away.

Complete and send the form on this page to get a car insurance quote


All info was correct at time of publishing November 12, 2018