Car Insurance Bloemfontein

Hey, are you looking for car insurance Bloemfontein? Great news! This website is for the whole of South Africa. So just add your details to the form on this page. Then hit the Get a Quote button to get a Bloem quote fast.

Types of Car Insurance Bloemfontein Likes

Free Staters buy three kinds of vehicle cover.

  1. Comprehensive cover. That is by far the most popular for bakkies, SUVs and light commercial vehicles.
  2. Third-party, fire and theft. If you cannot afford the premiums for the above sort of car insurance then this is the next best kind.
  3. Third Party Only. As the name suggests, the insurance covers only loss and damage to other vehicles, not your own. But it is better than nothing. Who wants to end up owing R100 000 to fix someone else’s car.

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Car Insurance Bloemfontein

All info was correct at time of publishing November 30, 2018