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AA insurance is older than most of the insurance companies in South Africa. Of course, the company insures vehicles in addition to its other services.

The Automobile Association, as the AA is properly called, is mainly aimed at vehicle insurance and roadside assistance.

They pride themselves in offering members more than just insurance. Since their start, they have been identified more by roadside assistance than insurance.

However, now, this multi-faceted company will send you vehicle insurance quotes just as eagerly as any other company.Their benefits list is longer than most of their competitors. AA car insurance involves much more than accident and theft cover.

By keeping up with safety factors pertinent to South Africa, AA insurance show that they have a lot to offer the car insurance industry. Let’s explore some of the many ways they can benefit you as a prospective client.

Road Side Assistance is Where it All Started For AA Insurance


aa insuranceThe AA was one of the only companies in South Africa that offered a roadside assistance service in the nineties and before. This company proved time and again that they were efficient in rescuing accident and breakdown victims. The convenience of being an AA member included many perks. Some of these advantages included:

  • Assistance in the event of locking keys in the car.
  • Towing services.
  • Lift services for accident or theft victims.
  • Assistance in tyre changing.


Since those days, the AA has evolved into much more. They now also offer cheap insurance for cars for those who are willing to become members.  If you are looking for an online motor insurance quote, these veterans are more than happy to oblige.

Getting your vehicle insured with AA Insurance

Hunting for car insurance quotes can be a nightmare for shoppers looking for the best deal. Do you have access to the internet? You can find a number of quotes by simply typing in your vehicle insurance needs. Among the list of insurance company options will be an AA insurance quote. Weigh up their benefits and premiums with competitors and see for yourself how great they are.

AA insurance in South Africa – So many benefits!

There are a great number of benefits with AA insurance membership. These include all the previous benefits that were included in the old version of the company. In addition to these, the AA has incorporated many other features. If you’re looking for a reliable option for car insurance in South Africa, the AA would be a viable option for you.

AA insurance for cars – Still relevant

Despite the company’s age, AA insurance are still very up to date with their features. First, they have developed user friendly software for smart phones and tablets. This software is made to assist accident victims on the spot.

If you’ve had a collision, AA’s software will guide you in following the correct procedures. From taking photos to recording details, this nifty little tool creates peace of mind for the user.

Another benefit they offer is pothole insurance. Identifying the growing problem of potholes in South Africa, AA insurance took the initiative and added this extra cover. Customers living in high density areas obviously gravitate to this company because of this benefit.

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All info was correct at time of publishing June 23, 2018