Virgin Money Car Insurance and Their Customised Cover Range

Customised Car Insurance from Virgin Money Car Insurance

Virgin Money Car Insurance is among the most complete forms of cover which one can find. You will see that all policies come with easy to understand, clear terms and conditions. Without any ambiguity, you will always understand the full value and range of your cover. The option of customised car insurance.

Excellent customer service, quick claims, and 24/7 service are just three of the many factors which make Virgin Money Car Insurance a fantastic choice. Here we’ll explore this great insurer in detail.

customised cover

Three Basic Types of Insurance

One of the best features of Virgin Money Car Insurance is the fact that whether or not an accident is your fault or not, your excess no your premium will be affected in any way.

Virgin Money gives you an option of the following types of cover:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

When you purchase Virgin Money Car Insurance online, you receive a R125 discount for using their web based facilities. You can, of course, opt for telephonic subscription; however, no discount applies. If mileage on your vehicle has not exceeded 40,000 km and it is lost totally through accident or theft, the full value of your car is paid out.

All repairs carried out by authorised dealers are guaranteed for life. Comprehensive cover from Virgin gives you:

  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Third Party Liability Cover
  • Insurance for Damage Resulting from Strikes and Riots
  • Theft & Hijack Protection
  • Also, Accident Cover
  • Cover in the Case of Weather and other Weather-Related Damage
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Care Hire Cover Available
  • Tyre and Rim Cover Available
  • And also Scratch and Dent Protection Available

Total Loss with Third Party Cover

Total loss with third party cover gives you emergency assistance at any hour of the day or night, third party liability cover and cover for damage arising from strikes and riots. If you experience the total loss of your vehicle through the result of theft, fire, and explosions, the weather or accident damage, you are covered.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

Third party, fire, and theft has no coverage for accidents which are your own doing, nor damage to your vehicle from the weather and other elements. There is no option of tyre and rim protection, nor car hire or scratch and dent cover.

Payouts and Procedures

They fully process all pay-outs within a maximum of three working days. The roadside assistance supplied will take you and your passengers home if they cannot resolve your vehicle issue on the spot. For a slightly higher premium, you have the option of choosing your repair agent. However, those that make a part of the Virgin Money Insurance network are nothing short of outstanding. When you add any safety features to your vehicle, such as vehicle tracking, your premiums become eligible for a discount.

Excellent Insurance for Vehicles of All Values

Virgin Money offers flexible car insurance to suit any budget. Their no-frills support is ideal for those that need basic insurance of any value. You can have customised car insurance, allowing you to add any optional extras whenever you need them.

They process all claims without paper, and the staff gives personal, friendly service. Car insurance in South Africa does not get more clear-cut than this straight-forward car coverage from Virgin Money.

To get a car insurance quote simply enter your details into the form provided and click the GET A QUOTE button!

All info was correct at time of publishing January 8, 2019