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    January 9, 2019

    Lifetime Guarantee on Vehicle Repairs with Dial Direct Auto

    Dial Direct truly lives up to their slogan ‘insurance made easy’. Insuring your car online is a hassle-free process. It also allows for full management of your insurance portfolio. Within just nine easy steps, Dial Direct will have your vehicle insured at a competitive rate. Dial Direct will also give you a lifetime guarantee on vehicle repairs. Here we are taking a look at exactly what makes Dial Direct Auto Insurance one of the most efficient insurance firms in South Africa.

    Excellent Claims Service

    When you opt for Dial Direct Auto Insurance, your insurer fully manages your claim. You have the choice of going for an express claim which gives you the same day turn-around on selected repairs and insured valuables. Repair agents who fall under the Dial Direct umbrella are known to be among the best in the industry. Every adjustment to your auto insurance portfolio is instantly updated and viewable online. One can perform the entire process at any hour of the day or night.

    lifetime guarantee on vehicle repairs

    Assist Benefits from Dial Direct

    Medical Assist

    Car insurance from Dial Direct also comes with complementary medical help (this does not apply to third party only).

    A 24-hour hotline gives you telephonic emergency support and guidance, while counselling and advice for abuse, assault, depression and bereavement victims are readily available.

    Road Assist

    Emergency roadside assistance is also given by Dial Direct Road assist is divided into Breakdown Assistance, and Accident Assistance allows you to receive help with:

    • Tyre Changes
    • A Flat Battery
    • Locksmith Services
    • Also, Towing & Storage
    • Crash Recovery
    • Trauma Assistance (choice of 110 trauma centres)
    • And also Legal Assist

    Value-Added Benefits from Dial Direct

    Dial Direct expands the value of their auto insurance policy by giving customers many free bonuses. All policyholders are eligible for 500mb of mobile data; you just need to confirm your policy on the Dial Direct site. A mobile app is available through the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store which makes submitting claims and managing your policy and cash back bonus a snap. Because of this, online claims have never been easier.

    Optional Extras

    As a Dial Direct policyholder, you have access to a range of additional forms of cover, each at a nominal charge. Auto Top Up protects you in the case of your vehicle being written off or stolen and never recovered. Not even the highest tiered comprehensive auto insurance package will cover all your costs and help you recover completely from the loss. However, this is where Auto Top Up comes in Handy. This optional package helps to manage the impact of your loss.

    Tyre & Rim guard gives you repairs with a 3-year warranty on any of your car’s tyres or rims. With the state of roads, this could come in handy. Personal accident, scratch and dent and even a funeral plan also make up a part of the additional services offered by Dial Direct.

    All-Round Good Value

    Dial Direct is a great insurer for those that want complete control over their insurance, but with minimal effort. Their online services are easy to use and simple to understand, and they offer a lifetime guarantee on vehicle repairs. Also, they price all policies affordably and competitive with other industry leaders.

    However, before Dial Direct Auto covers your vehicle, you will have to visit either a Glasfit or Easiway outlet for a full vehicle inspection. Other than this one minor inconvenience, Dial Direct Auto Insurance cannot be faulted.

    Your car insurance quote is available now. Simply enter your details into the form provided and click the GET A QUOTE button!

    All info was correct at time of publishing