1st for Women Car Insurance Puts You First (If You’re A Woman)

    June 23, 2018

    1st for women are here for you because woman can often feel disconnected from the ins and outs relating to vehicle upkeep.

    Knowing what to do in a breakdown, accident or hijacking situation is foreign to many women who have never been in such situations.

    Enter 1st for women car insurance. The motor insurance industry suddenly took a different turn.

    An insurance company that caters especially for women? A novel idea if ever there was one. Yes, of course, other insurance companies like Budget car insurance, and Iwyze car insurance offer roadside assistance and related perks. But these are both a far cry from a company offering exclusivity to woman wanting car insurance in South Africa.

    1st for Women Car Insurance – How do You Know it’s The Best Quote for You?

    1st for Women Car Insurance

    First for women car insurance is more than up for the challenge. They want to show the ladies of South Africa that they are the perfect fit for them.

    That’s why they too have registered with quoting websites in order to tap into the market. They are convinced that women will recognize good benefits for reasonable prices, and soon sign up.

    When a list of car insurance quotes are generated by your quoting website, 1st for women car insurance will be there. They may even be top of the list if your requirements indicate the need for their benefits. According to them, women in South Africa are in the market for the perks they offer.

     Unique to 1st for Women Car Insurance!

    Benefits that validate 1st for women car insurance quotes above their competitors are said to cater predominantly for women. The features that make this company seem more appealing to women are the following:

    • Assistance for women who drive 4x4s and SUVs. This includes small perks like spare tyre theft cover and car hire options in case of breakdowns.
    • An option of insuring your car for more than its worth. This is for the benefit of replacing a written off or stolen car with a newer model.
    • Assistance with directions in case of getting lost.


    These benefits really do seem to appeal to SA ladies. Many women opt for the First for Women car insurance quote because of these perks.

    It’s a question of trust!

    1st for women insurance have successfully established a measure of trust with their clients. They offer benefits that cater more for women than for men. It gives ladies a lot of comfort knowing that their insurance company has their back. They feel secure in knowing that their insurer understands the particular nature of their needs.

    It’s Not Only Vehicle Insurance, We’re There For Women All the Way

    1st for women insurance is not limited to vehicle cover. They also offer many other insurance services that cater more for women than men. Women therefore gravitate towards the comfortable knowledge that their needs are covered in every circumstance. Get online cheap car insurance by comparing 1st for women car insurance with other companies today.

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