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Try Momentum Auto Insurance for Great Side-Line Benefits

Momentum Auto Insurance boasts a long-standing track-record of outstanding customer service and some of the best rates in the industry. Both full and limited cover is provided, as is cashback bonuses. When it comes to trusted insurers, Momentum is heralded as a top choice. Momentum will insurance any registered South African motor vehicle, caravan or trailer. That includes LDVs. They do not even need to nominate drivers, covering you in all incidences.

Other than the standard choice of comprehensive or limited cover, you are also provided a generous range of extended benefits and the option of insuring vehicle sound equipment and other accessories. Momentum also supplies car hire insurance at affordable rates. Here we will be taking a look at exactly what makes Momentum Car Insurance a top South African auto cover provider.

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Comprehensive vs. Limited Cover Car Insurance

Whether you opt for comprehensive or limited car insurance, your excess is fixed when insuring with Momentum. That means you will never run into any hidden costs. Momentum fixed premiums for all insurance for twelve months. Their guarantee on your premiums persists whether you claim or not.

Here is an overview of what you are covered for when opting for each form of insurance from Momentum:

Comprehensive Cover Car Insurance

Loss of vehicle or damage to your vehicle caused by:

  • Accident
  • Explosion, Earthquake, Storm, Hail, Flood or Snow
  • Also, Theft & Hijack
  • Fire
  • Towing & Storage
  • Medical Costs
  • And also, Liability to Others

Limited Cover Car Insurance

  • Theft & Hijack
  • Fire
  • Also, Towing & Storage
  • Medical Costs
  • And also, Liability to Others

Safety Score Rewards You for Staying Safe

Momentum returns up to 20% of your annual premiums as a cash-back thanks to Safety Score Rewards from Momentum. Momentum Safety Score is comprised of three questionnaires which assess your vehicle safety and driving ability. Your annual cash-back bonus depends on your answers to the questions posed.

Prove that you live a safe life, taking the necessary household and auto precautions, and you will get back between 10% and 20% of your total yearly premium. That is subject to validating your safety claims. Therefore, if you confirm 50%, you receive your reward.

Momentum Multiply

Multiply from Momentum is a loyalty and rewards program which synergizes with insurance packages on offer. Multiply places offer a focus on financial wellness, health & fitness and safety, rewarding you with discounts and returns on Momentum products and the goods and services of a wide range of partners.

As a part of the Multiply initiative, you are encouraged to validate safety aspects of your home and vehicle while keeping track of your financial planning and physical health. Multiply Starter is standard with all packages and gives a discount on flights, funeral services, Dis-Chem purchases and Nu Metro movies. Multiply Provider and Premier come at an additional charge, but given even more value-added benefits.

Trusted Momentum Auto Insurance

Momentum car insurance offers lowered premiums when you take their auto cover in conjunction with other insurance packaged offered. Large families and busy households would do well to explore the savings to be found when taking more than one form of insurance from Momentum. Across South Africa, you will struggle to find an insurer which is as trusted and reputable as Momentum. They maintain affordable premiums across the board and back their service with claims and support that are second to none.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 10, 2019