Outsurance Car Insurance Quotes – Find Out What You Can Get Out

    July 2, 2018

    Outsurance car insurance quotes are available online for anyone wanting competitive quotes fast. And let’s face it, we need to secure the best deal we can in these difficult economic times.

    Outsurance is well known in South Africa for promising their clients that they will get something back. What a change from this ‘take, take, take’ attitude so common today.

    Provided you keep paying your premiums every month you will eventually get something back.

    The Ins and Outs of Outsurance Car Insurance Quotes

    Outsurance Car Insurance QuotesFor you to get something ‘out’ on your policy be aware that the less you claim back on your vehicle insurance then the more you will eventually get back from Outsurance.

    Although we recommend Outsurance we encourage you to apply for comparative vehicle insurance quotes from different companies.

    Remember that car insurance estimates are just that. You are not obliged to go with any one company just because you got a quote from them.

    They will try to pressure you into signing up once you have received your car insurance quotes. Remember that you hold the ace.

    Once you have signed up with any one company, they then hold the ace. That is, until such time as they disappoint you and move on to another car insurance company. So by all means continually shop around, even if you have signed up with Outsurance or another car insurance firm. But definitely get Outsurance car insurance quotes before committing.

    Whoever You Insure With – Car Insurance Is Essential

    Outsurance claim that their insurance policies ensure that the customer always gets something back whether making a claim or remaining claim free.

    Outsurance put a lot of emphasis on their quality of service and the ability to use their expertise, promptness, efficiency and courtesy to ensure that the customer gets what they need from their policy.

    The result, they claim, is less stress when it comes to claiming – thus avoiding additional stress in an already stressful situation. But is all starts with Outsurance car insurance quotes.

    What Other Outsurance Policies Are on Offer?

    Outsurance offers policies for vehicle insurance, building insurance, contents insurance, accident insurance and watercraft. Get Outsurance car insurance quotes to confirm.

    They also have an Out and About policy for all your portable goods and an Essential policy especially aimed at vehicles that are older than 5 years and currently uninsured.

    What Are the Added Benefits?

    Outsurance offers a fixed excess which is set at a figure chosen by you, the policyholder, thus avoiding surprise shocks when you need to make a claim. The higher the excess you choose, the lower the premiums you pay. Get an Outsurance car insurance quote to make sure.

    Outbonus with Your Outsurance Car Quotes

    Outsurance offer the Outbonus which pays a cash bonus of 10% of your premiums after 3 years of no claims. A bonus is also offered for referring new clients. Outsurance believe that their Outbonus policy assists their clients in making sensible decisions on which claims to place, and to practice responsible management of their insurance risks.

    For an all-round policy that claims to offer a personal touch and focusing on quality service, take a look at Outsurance. Contact Outsurance to see if the company can offer you what you need.

    Insurance for Women

    Outsurance does not claim to make a special insurance offer to women, but they may well take your female gender into account in calculating your premiums.

    After all, women do have a better insurance claims record. Get Outsurance  car insurance quotes to compare.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing