86 Years Later And AA Insurance Still Offer Total Peace Of Mind

    July 4, 2018

    The  AA began in in 1930. The primary goal of the AA at that time was helping to solve motoring issues of national importance on behalf of the ever growing motoring public.

    86 years later they are still around.

    Their range of services has grown extensively over the years to include technical advice, roadside assistance, legal advice related to cars, driver training and of course insurance to mention just a few of our many strengths.

    What You Need to Know about AA Insurance

    1. AA InsuranceWhen you buy car insurance from us you automatically become a member of their roadside assistance plan.
    2. Auto and General insurance underwrites AA car insurance. who have more than 24 years of industry experience.
    3. Auto & General is one of the first paperless insurance companies in South Africa

    What other Car Insurance Options Do We Offer?

    1. Comprehensive cover. Comprehensive cover includes cover for third party claims, fire, theft and accidental damage to your car.
    2. Third party only cover. Third party only covers you for any legal costs or damage that might occur due to damage to other people’s property. This option does not include fire, theft and accident cover.
    3. Third party, fire and theft cover. This includes fire, theft and third party cover, but not damage or replacement costs due to accidents.
    4. Off road vehicle cover. This is comprehensive cover for your 4 x 4 vehicle. You have insurance for most of the SADC countries. It also includes cell phone and spare wheel cover.

    Additional Benefits at AA Insurance

    1. Free AA membership. This membership includes 24 hour roadside and accident assistance.
    2. A cash back option.
    3. No hidden fine print, what you see is what you get.
    4. Premiums are fixed for a year. This means that the premium that is stated on your car insurance quote will not increase within the first year wether you claim or not.

    How to Get Car Insurance Quotes

    To get quotes from the Automobile Association is no different from other car insurance companies in South Africa. We offer you two options to obtain these quotes.

    1. Telephonic quotes. You simply phone the AA and they will call you back with vehicle insurance quotes.
    2. Online quotes. You simply supply the required information online and you will receive a quick quote online.

    Can the AA Give Me cheap Insurance for Cars?

    Yes, like so many other companies the AA can give you affordable car insurance quotes. By combining your car insurance with any of their other insurance packages like household and business insurance, they will provide you with a tailor-made package to suit your individual needs.


    The AA insurance company can offer you four different types of car insurance if you combine this with any of their other packages you will be able to find comprehensive insurance that suits your pocket.

    They also have added benefits like AA membership, cash back options and fixed premiums. If you choose the AA for your insurance needs you can be sure that you are covered where it matters the most.

    To get a FREE car insurance quote complete and send the form on this page

    All info was correct at time of publishing