4 x 4 Vehicle Insurance in South Africa

You just have to look around you when driving South African roads – nearly every second vehicle is a 4×4. South Africans love to get away for the weekends, and these 4x4s take them into terrain that no ordinary car could take them to. You have to take care of these dream adventure vehicles, as car-jackers target them to ship them to Africa. Many times these car thieves belong to syndicates who pay locals to steal your 4×4 so they can be taken to African countries, never to be seen or heard of again. So you might need to consider 4 x 4 Vehicle Insurance

Crossing Borders

Many South Africans take their 4×4’s across 4 x 4 Vehicle Insuranceborders into countries like Botswana, Namibia and Zambia to experience these countries wilderness areas and wildlife and specialist 4 x 4 Vehicle Insurance covers these kinds of events.

You’ll need 4×4 insurance for any unforeseen events in this country and elsewhere as well as insurance that can bring your vehicle back to South Africa. Because 4×4 owners drive on treacherous road surfaces, theft, political instability as well as attacks from wildlife, they need insurance.

Your Vehicle is Brought back to South Africa, 4 x 4 Vehicle Insurance

Owners of 4x4s need to ensure that their vehicles are equipped to perform well in the type of terrain they want to explore. They also need to know about what tyre pressures are appropriate for particular types of terrain.

If your vehicle is immobilised in another country, and you’re insured with Santam, they will help you get your vehicle back to South Africa. So Santam already protects millions of South Africans. They are a leading general insurer in South Africa and provide a diverse range of general insurance products and services.

Santam offers

Tailor-Made optional insurance. This insurance is available to 4×4 owners in 14 African countries
Their 4×4 vehicle policy provides cover for –

  • Winching equipment
  • emergency repairs
  • repatriation costs
  • wreckage removal
  • extinguishing costs
  • assistance with the necessary arrangements to get the vehicle to the nearest South African border
  • help with the expenses of returning the car to South Africa -compensation limited to  R25 000
  • the appointment of an approved repairer to meet the client and have the car taken for an assessment and repairs
  • medical help for car passengers, up to R5 000 per person
  • accommodation in the event of an accident for the driver and passengers up to R5 000


Santam’s insurance extends to all vehicle types – from motorcycles to 4x4s.

You can choose the following cover options –

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third-party, fire and theft cover
  • Third party (only) cover

You also have the choice of optional cover to insure your 4×4 with added benefits for the head, tail, the spot lights, tow in costs, loss of keys as well as safeguarding after a mechanical breakdown.

Because Santam delivers insurance right and proper, they offer a host of SOS services designed to help their policyholders wherever they are. These include things such as home drive assistance, legal advice and roadside assistance.  Their emergency- and claims helpline is 0860 505 911.

Make sure you enjoy Carefree Adventures

So with Santam, you can make sure with your  4×4. Disaster isn’t part of the deal. Owning a 4×4 should be all about carefree adventures across Africa’s wildest areas.

With Santam it can be like that. Call Santam today so that you can make it a habit to be more active with your 4×4, wherever and whenever you choose.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 9, 2018