Comparing Car Insurance Can Benefit You in the Long Run

Car Insurance Comparisons

The rule of thumb about car insurance is that motorists should always make a few car insurance comparisons before putting pen to paper.

The importance of comparison will shield drivers from false promises about cheaper premiums, bigger benefits and better bonuses.

The short-term insurance industry in South Africa is highly competitive, and the myriad of companies offering vehicle insurance will use everything at their disposal to lure new business.

car insurance comparisons

How to compare

Some websites give consumers the opportunity to compare pricing on car insurance.

The companies hosting these websites have negotiated with top South African insurance enterprises and brokers to give consumers a one-stop shopping facility to assess the cheapest car insurance premiums to suit their lifestyles.

What are the benefits?

Before beginning the search, motorists should make a list of their needs regarding insurance cover.

Cheaper premiums usually exclude benefits such as towing and roadside assistance. Saving a few Rand each month on premiums could end up being costly if you might one day need either of those benefits.

After all, who wants to be stranded on the side of the road in the middle of the night?

The value of the policy

A critical clause is Extent Coverage. In other words, in the event of the vehicle being written-off, hijacked or stolen, how much will the policy pay? Remember, while most companies base payouts on market value at the time of the incident, others base cover on trade-in value which is substantially less.

Excess Payments

Most policies include excess or deductible clauses. Motorists should ensure that they fully understand these clauses to avoid nasty out-of-pocket expenses.

Security requirements

Insurance companies insist on safety measures before approving an application. These requirements include tracking devices, immobilisers and alarm systems.


In a shocking revelation, statistics have indicated that more than 65% of South African motorists are uninsured.

Despite the financial burden of monthly car insurance payments, it is a vitally necessary expense to avoid becoming another statistic.

We urge vehicle owners to do their homework and compare the pricing structures, benefits and bonuses offered to South African motorists.

Buying peace of mind is a low price to pay when considering disability or death as an alternative.

Remember that insurance for 4x4s is a specialised and separate product.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 5, 2019