Auto and General Reviews

What do Auto and General reviews say about the company?

  1. All assistance-related benefits can be accessed around the clock, night and day
  2. You can rely on 3 decades of insurance experience from this leading insurance provider
  3. With their Cash Back Plus, you get entire first year’s premiums back for 4 claim free years
  4. With comprehensive car insurance, you have access to an app that can automatically detect when you’re in a serious accident
  5. You get a mix of Auto and General reviews on HelloPeter

Insurance brings relief because it is transferring the risk of theft and damage to somebody else. In crime-ridden South Africa, people realise the need to part with their hard earned cash to have their homes and vehicles insured.

The thought of owing thousands of Rands to the bank for a brand new car that has just been stolen is unthinkable and it becomes imperative to transfer the risk of vehicle theft to an insurer.

Short term insurance provides South Africans with financial coverage for their homes and their cars. Most auto and general reviewspeople opt for comprehensive car insurance because it doesn’t just protect the car, but your passengers, other drivers, other people and other cars.  If you car is stolen, car insurance covers you against the loss.

Home insurance on the other hand  protects the actual home as well as its contents. Your home is a massive asset so you want short term insurance that protects it against fire, flooding and theft.

Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

Auto and General Insurance Company are leading insurance providers in South Africa, with more than 31 years of experience.  They say that their brokers are willing to assist you with your insurance needs, to discuss it and look at your assets so as to create an insurance plan tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs.

The company is part of the Telesure Investment Holdings Group and was founded in 1985. They have been placed 1st and 2nd in South Africa  for percentage growth by the Financial Mail and also commended in different editions of the ‘Top Companies’ survey.

Who is Auto and General  Insurance Company Impressive?

Auto and General Insurance Company may have impressed the powers that be that they are growing in leaps and bounds, but what do their  customers say about them – do they share the same opinions when it comes to providing services to people on the lower end of the scale?

When you start looking at customer reviews on the company, it seems that not everybody will agree that Auto & General are what they ‘pretend’ to be.

Members of Auto & General have taken to Hello Peter to air their disgust at a company who doesn’t give a hoot about the very people who keep them in business.

Varying Auto and General Reviews on HelloPeter is an independent information network. It’s purpose is to allow consumers to have their say about the services they receive from brands. It’s not only designed for negative comment, but you can share positive views too. It helps people make informed purchasing decisions.  When you look at Hellopeter, you see that you can also have the opportunity to share reviews on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Useless in Everything?

One of the more recent reviews says that Auto & General is the absolute worst insurance company there is. It goes on to say they offer pathetic services through their useless call centre which is operated by Telesure. People who have tried to claim against their policy have called incessantly and eventually sent emails but have had no response.

They say that Auto & General refuse to put anything in writing and that as a complainant against the company, they have had to eventually lodge a claim with the Insurance Ombudsman. They say that the management of Auto & General are too busy stealing their clients money by rejecting claims. conducts a comparison analysis of all the known insurance companies in South Africa, ranking them based on the number of complaints each one received on Hellopeter. It then creates a point system to find out which company was best and worst.

Better the Devil You Know?

Last year, 2016 as far as Auto & General was concerned, from the 762 reports received on the company, it showed they received 56% compliments and 44% of complaints. Should you be content with this? Is Auto & General any worse than any of the other insurance companies? Better then devil you know than the devil you don’t know?

It’s for you to do research, read Auto and General reviews and to find out where you can get the best insurance products and services.

All info was correct at time of publishing February 8, 2019