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    January 9, 2019

    Three Excellent Forms of Car Insurance from Prime Meridian

    Car Insurance from Prime Meridian Direct gives customers some of the lowest rates in the industry with generous cover and excellent customer support. Insurance starts at as little as R49 per month and scales upwards of R464 per month for comprehensive cover. Prime Meridian Direct gives coverage that suits new households owning their first car. Premiums don’t get much cheaper! Here we’ll be taking a look at what is on offer and who it suits best.

    car insurance from prime meridian

    Three Forms of Cover from Prime Meridian Direct

    Every package on offer from Prime Meridian Direct is economical and highly competitive. Only on the comprehensive plan does any excess become liable. Otherwise, they do not charge excess.

    Here are the three types of cover on offer, and traditional comprehensive cover:

    Prime Motor CoverGrow

    CoverGrow gives you the lowest premiums possible making it perfect for those on a tight budget. This policy has no excess, and CoverGrow fixes the premium that they give you for life. They also limit repair claims to two per year, with one repair possible during your first year of insurance. CoverGrow covers all motor accidents, but they do not protect you against the total loss of your vehicle. They also protect you against theft and hijacking, but the benefits escalate as your policy ages.

    Prime Motor Thrift

    If you are looking for an alternative to complete cover but don’t want to scrape by with bare-standard protection, then this is the perfect plan. The premiums are roughly half the cost of comprehensive insurance, and the rates never increase from the date your policy was instated. There is no annual limit to your cover, and Prime Moter Thrift protects you in the case of the total loss of your vehicle.

    Towing and storage have a limit of R5,000, while they cover fire damage and other natural disasters to the value of R10,000. Prime Motor Thrift does not insure the internal contents of your vehicle, nor do they insure windshield repair. They set third party cover at a limit of R500,000.

    Prime Motor Assist

    Prime Motor Assist Lite, Standard, and Plus+ are available as standalone products or as add-ons to any other policy.

    Assist Lite gives 24-hour roadside assistance from R49 per month.

    Assist standard provides 24-hour roadside assistance and minor scratch and dent protection from just R99 per month.

    And Assist Plus+ supplies 24-hour roadside assistance, small scratch and dent protection and cover for mechanical and electrical components from R165 monthly.

    Choose Specialized Insurance from Prime Meridian Direct

    The three customized forms of car cover from Prime Meridian Direct are highly advantageous and so well priced that you will struggle to find a better rate. Their comprehensive auto insurance has many excess fees payable for most claims, but they still price their premiums decently. With every package, other than comprehensive car insurance from Prime Meridian Direct, you have to nominate a driver to be responsible for the vehicle. They will need a full inspection of your vehicle before they insure you.

    However, their three other offerings give excellent value and make for more attractive options. From claims to customer support, nothing but praise is offered for this long-standing South African insurer.

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