Cheap Auto Cover From EasiSure

    January 9, 2019

    EasiSure Basic from Alexander Forbes Gives Economic Auto Cover

    EasiSure Basic from Alexander Forbes is one of the most economical car insurance packages in the country. Giving you emergency service and referral assistance around the clock and many value-adding benefits, auto insurance from Alexander Forbes is nothing short of amazing.

    EasiSure Basic supplies motor, medical, accident management and emergency home service. The overall value for money is outstanding. Here we are taking a look at what makes this insurer shine.

    easisure basic from alexander forbes

    Why Choose EasiSure Basic?

    That is one insurance policy which cuts out the costly bells and whistles which one never commonly uses. The monthly premiums are extremely low, being 20% cheaper than competing insurers on average. A simpler more competitively priced package is hard to find. EasiSureBasic is perfect for vehicle insurance, household contents below the value of R150,000 or homes valued R500,000 and below.

    When opting for EasiSure, you have the possibility of adding the following cover to your insurance:

    • Scratch & Dent Cover
    • Credit Shortfall Cover
    • Also, Tyre Cover
    • Car Hire Cover
    • And also All Risk Cover (Specified or Unspecified)

    The following goods are eligible for insurance cover by EasiSure:

    • Caravans & Their Contents
    • Motorcycles, Quad Bikes& Scooters
    • Golf Carts& Pedal Cycles
    • Trailers
    • Also, Smartphones, Computers, Laptops & Tablets
    • Cameras
    • Garden & Leisure Equipment
    • And also Coins & Documents

    The Benefits of EasiSure Basic from Alexander Forbes

    EasiSure covers you and one additional nominated driver. When going for car insurance only, their cover is among the cheapest that you will find. They waive windscreen excess when using an Alexander Forbes approved glass provider.

    Motor service standard with EasiSure gives you roadside assistance for both regular cars and 4 x 4 vehicles. They cover flat battery or tyres, as are tow-ins to the nearest dealer. They will deliver up to 10 liters of fuel to you should you run out and your vehicle will be recovered and repatriated if immobilized, you are even given 24-hour travel and route assistance.

    Medical Accident Management & Emergency Services

    When you are covered by EasiSure, you are provided outstanding emergency medical assistance, granting response by road or air. Their provisioners will transfer you to a medical facility, should an accident arise. Counseling services via telephone are readily available for those needing emotional support. They allow rape victims access to Rape Centres of Excellence and given admission to a hospital with a cost not exceeding R5,000.

    Should you be involved in a road accident, you are given telephonic support guiding you through the proper incident procedure. EasiSure will dispatch an ambulance, and EasiSure will notify the police, while they will tow your vehicle by a contractor that they approve. Storage will take place at an approved contractor until an assessment has been made.

    Considerable Value from Alexander Forbes

    Alexander Forbes supply us with a no-frills insurance policy which is perfect for insurance a vehicle alone. While EasiSure Basic does offer cover for household goods and the like, you will find the best value in their auto insurance. The replacement and repair network held by Alexander Forbes ensures that your vehicle is in the hands of reputable professionals.

    That is a great policy for anyone to insure their first vehicle and a worthy contender for low-value household insurance.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing