Car Insurance Just for Women

    December 7, 2018

    Women are faced by a confusing number of insurance companies when looking to buy insurance for their cars and homes. Some of the better-known companies include AA Motor & Home, Auto & General, Budget, Dial Direct, Hollard, Miway, Momentum, Mutual & Federal and Santam. All of them offer car insurance just for women.

    Many of these companies offer insurance just for women. Women pay lower insurance premiums as studies have shown that women are a lower insurance risk than men.

    Why There is Car Insurance Just for Women

    For example, as drivers, women are generally more alert and careful. They follow the road rules more than do men drivers. So a woman driver might pay about 30% less for insurance than a male driver of the same age.

    Therefore, Car Insurance Just for Women in South Africa if a male driver pays R500 per month for car insurance, a woman might pay only R350 per month.

    Outsurance’s [email protected]UT is insurance just for women, similarly to 1st for women. Not only do they offer lower premiums for women, but also added benefits to protect the safety of women drivers.

    With such a huge choice available, it is important to shop around to get the best package.

    What to look for in car insurance?

    Every car insurance company in South Africa offers cheaper premiums for women. So when looking for insurance cover, also look for the other benefits offered in the policy.

    For example, some car insurance companies offer special discounts for people who drive less. That could be a benefit to a stay-at-home mom or the older retired women.

    The three types of car insurance are Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft, and Third Party. Comprehensive insurance covers your car and the other car against accident damage and theft. Third Party, Fire and Theft car insurance cover damage and theft risks and accident damage to a third party’s vehicle. Third Party insurance covers only the damage you caused to someone else’s property or vehicle.

    When selecting car insurance, look at all aspects such as the excess (the amount you have to pay, not covered by the insurance, at the time of a claim),how helpful and quick the customer service is, whether you would require roadside assistance and even the availability of a rental car when your car is out of action.

    Also make sure your car is insured for the correct value, as this will also affect your premiums. For new cars, retail value (the value you bought it for)is generally used, while the market value (the amount for which something can be sold on the market) is suitable for a used car. Your insurance may only cover the current market value of your car so there is no reason to insure it for its retail value.

    What to look for in home insurance?

    Home insurance covers Home Contents Insurance against theft, loss, damage, fire or flood; Buildings Insurance against loss or damage to the building structure as a result of fire or explosion, storm, flood, lightning strike, etc.; and All Risk Cover for items you usually carry around with you such as jewellery, sunglasses, cellphones and laptops.

    Possessions must be insured for their replacement value, that is what it would cost you to replace your belongings with new ones. It is important to regularly review your belongings and their values and to update your home insurance policy according to this review. In this way, being under-insured, when needing to make a claim, will not catch you short.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing