Car Insurance Myths vs Realities – Know The Differences!

Myths and realities are fascinating when it comes to life In general. For nearly everything there are myths. This is also the case with car insurance, and it has its set of myths created around it. Due to this, some realities seem to be myths. It is important to know which is which. For an interesting read and to find out what is true when it comes to car insurance myths and what is not, read through the most common myths and realities her.

Popular car insurance myths


One Speeding Ticket Will Cause My Rates To Go Up! – This is also one of the most common car insurance myths that most people know of. In most cases, this is entirely untrue. Your driving history, the length of time you have been with your insurance company as well as how fast you were going when you got the ticket will all affect whether your insurance rate will increase or not. A lot of factors are considered before an increase in your rates is applied.

Cheaper Cars Cost Less to Insure – Cheaper cars can cost less to insure. However, don’t assume that this is the definite case. Once again, a lot of different factors go into determining your rates.

car insurance myths

If Someone Else Dives My Car and Causes an Accident, I will Not Be Held Responsible – Financially, you will. Depending on your insurance plan, you will be financially responsible for all costs regarding the accident if the person driving your car is not listed on your insurance plan. Your car insurer will not cover someone not registered and paid for.

My Rates Will Be Higher If I Am A Smoker – Bing a smoker or non-smoker will have no effect on your car insurance rates.

Comprehensive Coverage Protects me In All SituationsComprehensive coverage is merely one type of car insurance coverage plan available and only covers damages caused by events other than collisions. It covers fire, theft, collisions with animals and a few more. It’s important to gain knowledge about this particular plan before buying car insurance to ensure that you get covered properly.



People Who Live In The City Pay More – City dwellers usually have higher car insurance rates that rural residents due to other contributing factors such as more traffic, higher chances of theft, etc.

An Accident Can Make My Rates Go Up – Unfortunately, this is true. Accidents, where you are at fault, will directly impact your insurance rates. If the accident is not your fault, you can end up in a higher rates bracket. Especially if you are frequently involved in accidents.

I Will Get Grouped With Drivers Who Share Similar Risk Characteristics – Another one that is true. Insurance companies place individuals together based on data collected from drivers who share similar characteristics. The advantage of this is that you can determine expected fee’s beforehand with more ease.


The myths mentioned above and realities are only a few and reading up and asking questions about them is always a good thing to do!

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 12, 2018