BetterCompare: New SA Startup Compares Car Insurance Quotes

South African drivers know too well that there are many options when it comes to car insurance.Whatever insurance you’re looking for, it needs to be compared to sift the good from the bad and to look for as many savings as you can. It goes without saying that everyone would like comprehensive car Insurance. Then you have cover for the damage you cause to other parties as well as damage to your own car. That’s where BetterCompare comes in.

It could be however, that your circumstances have changed and the job you now have is paying far less. Let’s say you want to give up on your comprehensive car insurance. And you want to search more affordable coverage with some decent features.

BetterCompare – Get Car Insurance Help from Unbiased Services

You want help from an expert who is able to offer you impartial advice and tips on how to get the best car insurance there is. BetterCompare isn’t an insurance agent but rather a free comparison service. They have now launched a valuable car-insurance-rates comparison site, and in doing so, provide a BetterComparesimple way to find better deals on car insurance.

BetterCompare has some exceptional brands from various insurance groups and different prices.  You’re able to compare different car insurance quotes side-by-side so as to get the best one.

BetterCompare – How does it all work?

The technology of BetterCompare is integrated to the different insurance groups technology, making it as if BetterCompare are actually talking to each insurer on the customer’s behalf. Also they ask all the questions you would in sourcing the best car insurance. They then present you with a number of the best quotes based on your unique profile.

BetterCompare knows that car owners can become frustrated and anxious about all the options and complexities with car insurance. Car insurance rates are forever changing. And they do all the work for you and simply present you with the best quotes.

To start the process you can call BetterCompare on 0861-GATHER (428437) or ‘Request a Call Back’. Or you can fill in the online form and speed up the process. Just add your car registration number and click.

BetterCompare – Save Money by Comparing the Major Insurance Companies

Finding the best car insurance doesn’t have to be a huge schlep with the emergence of creative insurance and fintech solutions. BetterCompare has a new way to compare top car insurance rates from different insurers. By making use of the latest digital technology to get quotes directly from the top insurers’ rating engines, they save users plenty of time and money by presenting them with the best deals.

The market of car insurance is constantly changing  and all car insurance companies offer different features and different prices. It is always better to compare at least 3 quotes. What’s more, there is always the matter of security with financial type products, and BetterCompare protects its customers by supporting Encryption Everywhere – HTTPS on every page.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace insurers have to try and save wherever they can and this is where BetterCompare comes in as they are free to use and they find you the best, most affordable car insurance deal.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 2, 2018