Tracker Vehicle Tracking Company

Tracker South Africa has every right to be proud of its enviable reputation. So here we will have a look at Tracker vehicle tracking company.

  • It is the only vehicle tracking company that has partnered with the South African Police Service
  • It has recovered more than 85,000 stolen and hijacked vehicles – and that boils down to more than 500 recovered each and every month
  • Also, its services to South African motorists had led to the arrest of more than 16,000 criminals


Tracker South Africa says it has only been able to achieve such astounding results because of its proactive partnership with the SAP and its advanced technological solutions.

Company background – Tracker Vehicle Tracking Company

Tracker South Africa was established in 1996 in partnership with Lojack, a mainstream American vehicle tracking company.

Also, a merger with MobileData took place in 2007, which allowed Tracker South Africa to offer the public the SkyTrax product range. The merger also gave the company access to sophisticated technology, enabling it to offer top-notch personal vehicle tracking and comprehensive fleet management services to customers nationwide.

How to choose your best tracking device option

Use Tracker South Africa’s online wizard to establish which package will best suit your personal needs and budget.

A tracking device needed for insurance purposes

Known as Tracker Recover, vehicle owners are able to keep track of their vehicle’s location with either a smartphone app or standard web applications. The smartphone app also gives users a slider that activates Tracker’s rapid response and alerts theft recovery teams.

Notification Service

Tracker Vehicle Tracking Company

The exact location of your vehicle can be pinpointed with just by clicking Tracker’s smartphone or web app. Also, other notification services include:

  • Car Guard
  • Driver Alert
  • Motion Alert



Tracker Care

So apart from giving you peace of mind about pinpointing the location of your vehicle should it be stolen, the Tracker Care is an Assist Button installed inside your vehicle which you can activate in times of roadside or medical emergencies.

How do I contact Tracker South Africa? – Tracker Vehicle Tracking Company

Contact Tracker South Africa at:

  • Call Centre: 0860 60 50 40
  • Emergencies: 0800 13 23 23
  • Roadside Assistance: 0861 11 87 29
  • Address: Stonemill Office Park
  • 340 Republic Road
  • Darrenwood
  • Telephone: 011 380 0300


Conclusion – Tracker Vehicle Tracking Company

So tracker’s advanced vehicle recovery technology is in use in 30 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, France, Italy, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Tracker South Africa believes that its partnerships are key to the success of the company.

Also, tracker South Africa abides by the regulations of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority to safeguard the constitutional rights of all its customers.


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All info was correct at time of publishing May 31, 2018