Liquid Capital Tyre and Rim Insurance

It can be nerve wracking driving on some of South Africa’s roads, trying to avoid deep potholes. It’s bad enough on a sunny day.  But on a rainy day these potholes fill up with water and you can’t see them. You need tyre and rim insurance, clearly!

How many people haven’t gone plunging into them. And this has resulted in severe damage to their rims and tyres and their own rib cage.

A Problem that isn’t Going Away

Potholes in South Africa aren’t going to be getting any better. And every driver can scarcely get away without this cover for their car. Also, driving with a damaged tyre and rim is highly dangerous to yourself and to other drivers because it can explode, and the result can be injury or death.

Liquid Capital to the Rescue

LiquidCapital is a registered financial services provider to the motor industry and they offer tyre and rim insurance. They Tyre and Rim Insuranceare your one -stop shop for the motor industry, providing a host of useful financial products and services.

The company is the financial services partner to a number of international motor vehicle brands in South Africa such as Kia, Hyundai, Chery, Mitsubishi, Tata, Foton- and Proton Financial Services. They also provide financial products and services for car brands such as Bentley, Lamborghini and Renault South Africa.

Some of the other services Liquid Capital provides are –

  • roadside assistance, service- and maintenance plans
  • customer research
  • management of marketing campaigns
  • the sale of motor service and maintenance plans
  • paint tech auto body warranty
  • bumper-to-bumper extended motor vehicle warranty
  • tyre and rim insurance


When it comes to their tyre and rim insurance, Liquid Capital knows that they can’t eliminate the dangers such as potholes on the road but they can do the next best thing and offer their Tyre and Rim Insurance Policy.
This insurance makes provision for the damage you incur when you plunge into a pothole and your  vehicle’s tyres and rims are damaged. The insurance will pay for the repairs, or if necessary for the replacement of your tyres or rims up to the maximum amount as laid out in the policy guide.

Where to Buy Liquid Capital’s Tyre and Rim Insurance

The policy must be bought through Liquid Capital’s national call centre. On their website, you can simply fill in the form, submit it and a consultant will call you back to discuss your different options.

Having this rim and tyre insurance will ensure that you benefit from pothole damage and road hazard damage.  If you want to be sure your car qualifies for tyre and rim insurance then you’ll need to have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance cover. This is the most extensive cover. You car will also have to be in a roadworthy condition and have a gross vehicle mass of less than 3 000kg.

Unfortunately potholes have become a permanent fixture on some of South Africa’s roads. You may as well ensure that you have rim and tyre insurance so that you’re spared the terrible costs that come from damage to your car.

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All info was correct at time of publishing March 26, 2018