Answers to Questions about Vehicle Cover in South Africa

When it comes to vehicle cover in South Africa, there are lot of nuances that might come as a nasty surprise when you need to make a claim. In this post, we have a look at what some of those nuances are and supply answers to what questions you might have.

When am I Covered From?

The answers depend on your insurance. Normally, however, most car insurance kicks in either from the day you take it out, or from when the first premium is deducted. To be sure, check the terms of the policy.

What is Business and Private Use?

No easy answers here! This can be confusing. Most people consider driving to and from work as an example of business use. This is not the case with insurances, though. You have to look at what you Answers to Car Insurance Questionsprimarily use the car for.

If you are a door to door salesperson, and travel a lot for work, that is classified as business use. Or if you are engaged in carting people around for money, that is also business use. Driving a co-worker home after work, or carpooling with co-workers is private use.

Does the Make and Model of My Car Make a Difference?

You would think that the only difference between cars for insurance purposes would be the value. You would be wrong. Insurance companies also look at other risks when giving you a quote.

Certain makes and models are more likely to be stolen. You will pay a higher premium as a result.

If My Friend Crashes My Car, Am I Covered?

That is going to depend on the policy and it is worth checking out upfront. You will normally have to give an idea of who the authorized drivers are when you take out the insurance.

If your friend is not an authorized driver and there is an accident, your claim might be declined.

Can I Cover My Motorbike?

Again, this will depend on the company concerned. Motorbikes are considered higher risk and so may cost more to insure.

I Am Driving My Brother’s Car, Am I Covered?

As long as your brother specifies you as one of the drivers of the car, you should be covered. However, in the event of the claim, they will need to make the claim and monies due will be paid out to them.

During Repairs, Can I Get Reconditioned Parts?

This can be a sticky issue with your insurance. Check what the policy stipulations are. You may be required to use only new parts when effecting repairs and, in some cases, keep up with a service schedule.

Normally speaking, when the insurance pays for repairs, they will pay for all new parts or do their best to restore the car to its original condition.

Am I Covered if I Don’t Have a Driver’s Licence?

No, most policies specify that the driver must be licensed for claims to be considered. So, if you have a valid Learner’s Licence, and are driving with a licensed driver, you will usually be able to claim.

If you have let your licence expire or it is revoked, your insurance can refuse the claim.

With all things insurance, it is best to know what you will and will not be covered for upfront. That way you can do everything correctly so that they have no reason to refuse your claim.

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All info was correct at time of publishing March 1, 2018