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Guaranteed Premiums From OUTsurance

OUTsurance is one of the biggest names in South African insurance, and for a good reason! They boast a track record of 19 years of outstanding service and some of the lowest rates in the industry. With guaranteed premiums from OUTsurance for 12 months and low flat excess rates, OUTsurance is the favoured choice for many.

Their customer service is friendly, professional and highly attentive. However, they fix their rates adjustment and protocol, as most people expect from a firm this size. Despite their massive industry reach, OUTsurance still gives a personal approach to business which results in some of the quickest claim turn-arounds seen. Here we’ll be exploring a few of the many reasons why so many trust OUTsurance.

guaranteed premiums from outsurance

Comprehensive Cover from OUTsurance

The full cover does not come any more complete than that offered from OUTsurance. Opt for their auto insurance, and they will cover you for:

  • Bumper Damage
  • Scratches & Dents
  • Theft & Highjacking
  • Damage Resulting from Fire, Flood or Hail
  • Also, third-Party Damage
  • Liability Claims
  • Intentional Damage Caused by Another

Motor Liability Cover

Motor Liability Cover from OUTsurance is one of the best forms of third party car insurance in the country. OUTsurance fully covers you in the case of causing damage to another’s vehicle or property. This type of limited cover is a part of the Comprehensive Cover from OUTsurance, but also available standalone.

They cover you for up to R5 million liability with a guaranteed premium for twelve months. Motor liability cover also comes without any form of excess. When opting for this policy from OUTsurance, they require you to take steps to prevent or minimize liability.

In the event of a mishap, they need you to report the incident to OUTsurance before admitting guilt. Please note that this limited cover does not cover your property, only the property that you damage.

Essential Car Insurance from OUTsurance

If you need the lowest premium possible, perfect for older vehicles, then Essential Car Insurance from OUTsurance is your best bet. Vehicles valued at R100,000 or less which are not financed are eligible for this form of insurance. They cover you in the case of accident, fire, explosion, earthquake, snow, hail, flood or storm damage. 40% of the value for which they insure you for, they pay out in cash.

When you choose Essential Car Insurance from OUTsurance, you pick the amount that you wish for them to insure you. This flexible means of pricing lets you set your monthly premium. OUTsurance fixes excess at R1000, although you can adjust this all the way up to R4000. They charge this as a payment deduction, which gives you cash immediately and allows you complete control of the repair process.

OUTsurance pays accident damage in cash, and they cover liability in the case of a third-party claim against you to a maximum of R1 million with no excess payable. They will pay the full retail value of your vehicle if it happens to be stolen.

Excellent Service & Pricing Across the Board

There is no single package from OUTsurance which is lacking. Their premiums are hard to beat, and the flexible excess structure on their essential cover makes insurance accessible to all. Their reputation has been upheld for many years, with very few complaints arising at all. Regardless of which type of insurance you need, OUTsurance has you covered affordably. That is what OUTsurance offers you in the way of the guaranteed premiums from OUTsurance.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 8, 2019