How To Avoid a Car Crash Nightmare

Being involved in a car crash brings to mind personal injury to yourself or your loved ones but that is only part of the story.

A scary fact is that fully 60% of vehicles on the road in South Africa are uninsured.

If you are a car owner and your car is not insured then sustaining injury or death in a car smash is only part of what you are risking when you drive your vehicle.

A Car Crash Scenario That Can Happen On the Street Where You Live

Car crashHere’s a scary scenario. You are at a crossroads in your neighbourhood and something on the pavement distracts you.

Looking back, you think it’s your turn to cross the four way stop and so you accelerate into the crossing.

But you did not see the car, a new top-of-the range BMW sports, that had already left the stop street to your left. You side-swipe the side of the car taking off the back door and carry on into a neighbour’s yard demolishing the lounge.

You stagger out of the car and accept responsibility for what happened. No one is hurt, for which you are immediately grateful.  The other driver is furious and the house owner speechless. At the police station you report the accident and are given a case number.

The driver of the BMW sports gives you her card and the name and contact details of her insurance company and the house owner takes your details. You are not sure if you are insured for a car crash but you say you will stay in contact with them.

The Car Crash Nightmare Continues Part 2

At home you have a cup of tea to recover from the shock and phone the insurance company that insures your house. You find out that your vehicle is not insured. You forgot to insure the car when you bought it for cash last year.

So you hope the problem will disappear, but it does not. The insurance company for the owner of the expensive car rings up and asks for the details of your insurance. You tell them you do not have insurance. They say they will send along the quotation for having the car fixed. Within minutes their email arrives.

Total cost of replacing the door panels on the vehicle? R50 000.

And then you hear from the householders insurance company.

And you are liable for this, no one else. You. Apart from the fact that you also have to pay for the damage to your own car.

There is no one to turn to because your vehicle is uninsured. Even if you have to sell your car or mortgage your house or take out a personal loan you are going to have to pay for this. All of it. Let’s hope you don’t lose your job.

How To Avoid This Nightmare Scenario

Even if you feel you cannot afford comprehensive car insurance you should take out third party insurance. It is really cheap – as little as R100 a month.

In the case of an accident such as described above you will still have to pay an excess amount and you will have to pay for the damage to your own vehicle.

But at least you will not be saddled with exorbitant bills. Get a reality check – accidents are waiting to happen.

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All info was correct at time of publishing July 7, 2018