TheftBuster: Help When It’s Most Needed

TheftBuster is a uniquely South African product because we all know how serious crime is in this country. Did you know that a car is hijacked or stolen every four minutes?

It’s a traumatic inconvenience but Bidvest Insurance has devised a product that can help ease both the financial and emotional burden of such occurrences.

TheftBuster For All South Africans Whose Cars have Been Hijacked or Stolen

TheftbusterBidvest Insurance’s executive head of sales and marketing, Phil Donnelly, says there are a myriad of consequences when a car is stolen. He mentions the inconveniences and stresses that come with having a car stolen.

He also speaks of the trauma associated with vehicle theft as often the theft is associated with violence. But there are financial consequences too that motorists tend to not take into account.

For example, when your car is stolen, you need to pay out the insurance excess. But there are a bunch of other expenses too that we tend to overlook. Think replacing car keys and possibly house keys.

Car Thieves Steal More Than Just your Car – They Virtually Steal Your Identity

Then there’s the expense of getting new remotes and replacing other personal items that might have been stolen along with the vehicle. Typically in a hijacking the first things taken are your wallet and mobile phone.

So you’ll need to replace your driver’s license, bank cards, ID books, sim cards and the rest. And of course there’s the inconvenience of not having a car. Not all of us can just go out and hire a vehicle urgently.

TheftBuster from Bidvest

Bidvest Insurance’s new product TheftBuster allows motorists to make affordable monthly or once-off payments that give them access to great benefits should their car be stolen or hijacked. At the moment, TheftBuster is a one of a kind product in South Africa.

If your car is hijacked or stolen, TheftBuster provides the cover for the insurance excess as well as helping to cover the costs of items stolen along with the car like your keys and remotes. Or it can help cover the cost of replacing your driver’s license, for example. Car hire is also covered.

If your vehicle is not recovered, the product will pay out R6 000 towards a replacement car if you buy one from an approved dealership.

If your car is recovered TheftBuster is still applicable – as the car is often dirty and trashed when you get it back and just the thought of thieves being in it is off-putting. TheftBuster lets you send the car for a full interior and exterior valet.

And Of Course there is The Emotional and Psychological Stress 

Bidvest realises there’s psychological damage and emotional trauma involved too. Especially with hijackings. That’s why the product covers trauma counselling for all those affected by the incident.

The product covers the owner of the vehicle, immediate family members and any authorised drivers too.

To date the product has been well received on the market. It’s a reality that we live in a country where crime has become a daily way of life. Bidvest know they can’t put a stop to crime, but they can help victims turn traumatic situations into less stressful ones.

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All info was correct at time of publishing July 27, 2018