Assistance For South African Car Theft Victims – Of Whom There Are Many

    July 27, 2018

    Bidvest Insurance has devised a new product called TheftBuster to assist victims of car theft and hijacking in South Africa.

    In South Africa, a car gets stolen every four minutes. And thieves often make off with other items such as house keys, ID books, cell phones and wallets full of bank cards. Also they take laptops, iPads, handbags, sports equipment, briefcases, sunglasses, cameras….

    Often the loss of such belongings are more traumatic to the car theft victim than the loss of the car itself. Now one has to run around cancelling cards, informing banks etc. Who has the time?

    Car Theft In South Africa Virtually Takes Away your Identity

    Car Theft Cover

    Bidvest has identified the need for additional cover for car theft that takes care of the replacement of all such items that disappear along with your car.

    Priced at R980 for two years of cover, and payable on a once-off basis .

    The new TheftBuster plan also provides cover for insurance excess.Ad it pays towards items such as home or office keys and remotes are covered, for instance. It also covers the cost

    of replacing identity or driver’s licenses.

    Car Theft – it Can Happen To Anyone – Are You Adequately Covered?

    Car hire is also covered with the plan, and in the event that a stolen vehicle is not recovered, TheftBuster will pay R6000 towards the victim’s replacement vehicle if it’s bought through an approved dealership.

    If the vehicle is recovered, the plan also pay for a full professional interior and exterior valet service. In short, TheftBuster reaches the hassle aspect of car theft that other insurance companies do not.

    The TheftBuster plan rolled out early in 2015. Get more information from new car dealerships as well as though insurance brokers.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing