Road Assist from Autogen

If you are looking for insurance to cover those unexpected roadside emergencies, then one of Auto & General’s two different Road Assist packages may suit your needs. Here we will have a look at Road Assist from Autogen.

Breakdown Assist

  • Towing – they will tow your vehicle to a garage after a breakdown
  • Locksmith – insurance against the call-out cost of a locksmith, PLUS cover for the first hour of labour
  • Tyres and Batteries – insurance against the call-out cost, PLUS cover for the first hour of labour
  • Running out of fuel – 10 litres of fuel (charged at cost) will be delivered free of charge
  • Roadside assistance – free referral service
  • Direction service – offered free of charge
  • Towing – free storage for up to 72 hours
  • Message service – your family or business associates will be notified


Additional Benefits of Road Assist from Autogen

The Breakdown Assist package also offers:

  • Up to R500 will be paid to the policyholder and up to six people for transport costs after a breakdown to a place of choice or overnight accommodation
  • Up to R500 for towing fees if stranded more than 100 km from home
  • Car hire for 24 hours (subject to certain conditions)
  • Up to R500 towards the cost of collecting and returning your vehicle on completion of repairs
  • An annual limit of three call-outs


Accident Assist from Road Assist from Autogen

Road Assist From Autogen

  • Towing (unlimited) to approved panel beaters or garage
  • Advice on how to proceed after a collision


Auto & General Terms and Conditions

Policyholders must display their Auto & General Towline stickers on their vehicles.

Policyholders must report an accident to the Auto & General Towline on 0860 10 42 10 to avoid being held responsible for the cost of towing and vehicle storage.

Cash Back Option

With Auto & General’s cash-back policy, motorists can claim a cash-back bonus to the full premium payments made during the first 12 months of the policy if they have remained claim-free for an uninterrupted period of four years.

OR policyholders can opt to get cash-back to the amount of 25 percent of all the premiums paid during the four-year period.


If you are 50 years or older, then you qualify for Auto & General’s Young@Heart policy on your motor insurance which negates any excess payments when claiming.

Who has coverage from these benefits?

  • Full Vehicle Insurance policies
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft Vehicle policies
  • Off-Road Full policies
  • Motorcycle Insurance policies


How much does it cost? – Road Assist from Autogen

To obtain a free quote for an Auto & General Road and Accident Assist policy contact one of their insurance brokers on their official website. As with most insurance policies, quotes are based on the age of the principal policyholder, as well as information such as the make and model of the vehicle to be insured. You are sure to find a package to suit your needs on the company’s instant online quotes platform.

How do I make a claim?

The Auto & General online website makes claiming quick and easy. Simply provide them with the necessary information to ensure efficient service. You can log claims 24/7.


Add your details to the form on this page and click on the “Get a Quote” button to get a Car Insurance quote.

All info was correct at time of publishing May 31, 2018