How Do You Insure an Additional Driver in South Africa?

  • You can insure with any of the leading insurance providers in South Africa – OutSurance, MiWay, Hollard and many others
  • It’s easy to take out the cover for an additional driver of your car. You just need to be in touch with the insurers. If you’re looking to take out a new policy, fill in the correct details
  • You can add one- or multiple drivers to your policy
  • It needn’t be more expensive adding multi-drivers to your car insurance than just one
  • You’ll need to include details of all the drivers such as accidents and driver convictions they may have had.
  • Don’t just assume that if the additional driver has their own comprehensive car insurance, they can drive your car to a third party the only basis – check this out
  • You can add an additional driver to your car insurance on a temporary or permanent basis

An Additional Driver will offer so much Convenience

Additional DriverHow many times haven’t you just wished that someone was licensed to drive your car? Adding an additional driver can be so convenient when you’re tired and traveling long distances from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Being able to have another person drive your car who is legally insured can be great, particularly in an emergency. How useful it can be when both parents and their teenage kids can all drive. A specified driver is someone who is also insured to drive your vehicle. Even though you do most of the driving. When driving your car, the other named driver will have the same level of insurance cover as you – the main driver.

The insurer will also want to know the name of this ‘other’ driver – their gender, age, and address.  You can’t just add a driver willy nilly to your policy without the permission of the person first.

Useful though it can be, it can also bring a host of problems if the person driving your car wasn’t you and they were involved in an accident.

Do things Honestly, or face the Consequences

When someone other than the policyholder drives the car, you need to know that this can affect your insurance cover. In fact, if the driver isn’t declared in your insurance policy and that driver is involved in an accident, your claim may be rejected or not paid in full.
As a regular driver, insurance companies calculate your premium based on your risk profile. If there is someone that drives that car more than you do, the risk profile changes. If your insurance company isn’t aware of this. It may opt not to pay the claim on the grounds that the car isn’t adequately insured.

So if somebody else is using your car occasionally and they are involved in an accident, you as the policyholder will still be covered.

Look at an insurance contract, and you will see that it requires you to disclose all details surrounding the risks associated with insuring the vehicle, including details of the regular drivers. For instance, drivers under the age of 25 will certainly be costlier additions to your insurance, more so if the driver is male.

Understand the Differences of Additional Drivers

Insurance companies add and charge for every driver who makes use of your car. Do the research! Because adding additional drivers, and the regulations that go with this, differ from country to country and also between the different insurance companies.

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All info was correct at time of publishing February 3, 2019