How Do I get Pothole Insurance Added to a Motor Cover Policy?

    February 3, 2019

    1. South Africa’s roads are notorious for their potholes. There are car insurance companies who offer this pothole insurance, but not all
    2. You can try and claim from the government or the municipality
    3. Claims for pothole damage on national roads go through SANRAL. While claims for damage on a municipal road go through the local municipality
    4. you’ll need proof that the damage was caused by a pothole
    5. When claiming you’ll need your ID, driver’s licence, registration details of your car. Also 3 written quotes for repair as well as a declaration signed by the claimant

    Why can’t there be a Solution?

    Pothole InsuranceYou’d think that the same intelligence used to lift the mighty Boeing 787 Dreamliner into the air could be used to come up with roads that are pothole proof? Not so in South Africa. In fact, the state of roads in this country is deteriorating. Motorists who damage their cars because of these potholes. Should send their bills directly to the department of transport and claim damages with them.

    Claim from the Government or Municipality – if You’re Prepared to Wait

    Depending on how much certain roads are used, as we go into the wet season, we can expect conditions to worsen. It is shocking that South Africans have to pay money for something the government should be dealing with. But nothing is going to change, and the best you can do is to be prepared.

    Yes, you can claim from the government. But to establish who you can claim for pothole damage. Tt needs to be established if you were driving on a National Road or a Municipal Road. National roads are recognized by their names – N1 or N2 and so. They’re the responsibility of SANRAL – South African National Roads Agency. Municipal roads are under the authority of different municipalities.

    It’s not just your tyres that take a hammering, your shock absorbers, suspension, coil springs and wheel bearings can all take a pounding.

    Check the Differences in Pothole Insurance

    Apart from South African drivers needing to be responsible drivers, for your own peace of mind you need to invest in pothole insurance. Do the research, because there is quality tyre and rim insurance available to you when these parts are damaged because of potholes. It can be a simple solution to protect you against this nightmarish situation.

    Remember, however, that according to Arrive Alive, you can’t claim from the government or municipality and then also from your insurer. Most people prefer claiming from their insurers as they know too well that dealing with the government and municipality can be a long process.

    It’s important to do research because some insurers only cover tyres and rims while others will also include suspension or undercarriage of your car.

    Be Insured and Informed

    Check and understand the wording of your policy so you’re aware of exclusions before you claim. The best car insurance companies are those ones that don’t only offer pothole insurance, but they inform and alert their drivers with useful information.

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