Choose Your Own Excess with Car Insurance from MiWay

    January 7, 2019

    MiWay gives you flexible car insurance with affordable premiums. Claiming is a hassle-free process, with claims being processed either online or via the MiWay app within a fantastic time frame. One of the most innovative features which are standard with MiWay cover is the option to choose your own excess.

    Pick the Package Best for Your Budget

    There are three basic levels of car insurance provided by MiWay.

    These include:

    All three options allow you to ensure your vehicle at either retail, market, trade or a particularly upon agreed value for unlisted vehicles, collectors’ cars, trailers, and caravans. The general recommendation is to insure your car at retail value, which gives you cover for the current dealer’s selling price. However, MiWay offers you more affordable monthly premiums when you opt for either of the remaining two options, albeit at a lower pay-out.

    choose your own excess

    Attentive, Friendly 24/7 Customer Service

    Customer service from MiWay is known to be nothing short of outstanding. MiWay handles all telephoning inquiries in a friendly and understanding manner and the call-waiting times are near non-existent. Efficiency appears to be a top priority within MiWay call centers. They also offer support around the clock, 24/7/365.

    They also allow you to manage all financial portfolio services online at any hour that suits you best. Even the roadside assistance is touted to be highly responsive, with MiWay staff ensuring that you are taken care of along every step of the way.


    MiRewards is an excellent rewards program from MiWay that rewards clients whether they place claims or not. This rewards program offers many discounts on popular motoring products and services. Every three months of not placing a claim, MiWay rewards you with one month’s premium back. They also supply rewards for buying policies online, transacting via MiWay’s online channels and for referring friends and family. Many of the discounts apply to all customers, without the need for anything other than being a MiWay client. Here are some of the notable bonuses provided by MiRewards:

    • Free Windscreen Chip Repair
    • Discounted Car Rental Rates
    • And also ADT Discounts

    Free Services Available to MiWay Members Including the Option to Choose Your Own Excess

    Policyholders have the option of booking six free trips a year with the unique service termed ‘WeDrive.’ Through this initiative, MiWay supplies a take-me-home service which lets you party until any hour of the night without the worry of driving home inebriated. Another addition to their generous rewards policy is the R1000 name dropping bonus, for referring a customer. Once you have referred five policyholders, they award you a R5000 bonus on top of your earnings.

    Competitive Pricing from MiWay

    Premiums from MiWay come under criticism for not being guaranteed for twelve months. Very few customers have experienced anything other than an annual price increase, this is something that customers can expect. Those who wish to lock their premiums do have the option of preventing annual increases for up to three years. This fantastic automotive insurer has an excellent reputation for providing premiums which are lower than most brokers. However, their affordable sacrifice comes with no sacrifice to quality. From pay-outs to the fact that you can choose your own excess, MiWay is a company that affords you personal service which never falters.

    To request your car insurance quote, simply enter your details into the form provided and click the GET A QUOTE button!

    All info was correct at time of publishing