Save on Car Insurance By Using the Internet – Read More Below

How to Save on Car Insurance

Online car insurance can save vehicle owners valuable time and also save on car insurance.

The two most important criteria to check online are car insurances that are affordable and a company that offers an excellent backup service.

Why online insurance?

Some companies will waive joining fees when applying online. Online applications save them call center costs.

Another huge attraction offered by some car insurance companies is that they will pay the applicant the equivalent of a month’s premium after the company has received three months’ premiums from the policyholder.

save on car insurance

Tailor-made policies

After completing a quotation application, consumers can tailor their policies to suit their individual needs:

  • Lower monthly premiums by adjusting excess coverage
  • Select retail market or trade value coverage for the vehicle
  • Select comprehensive insurance or opt for third party cover
  • The option to add extras such as car hire
  • Select start date of premium
  • Also, fix premiums for up to three years

What happens after acceptance of quote?

Insurance companies will send all necessary documentation, including a policy schedule which clearly explains the terms and conditions of the contract

Applicants must comply with all the requirements which could include:

  • The installation of security devices such as immobilizers or tracking devices
  • And also a vehicle inspection

After complying with all requests, applicants must pay their first monthly premium, after which the policy will become active.

Compare insurance quotes

The importance of comparison cannot be over emphasized.

Although there is good value for money products available on the South African market, vehicle owners should exercise caution with cheap insurance quotations. These often come at a price in the event of an accident claim.

Comprehensive insurance is always the best route to follow. Even if the monthly premiums are more expensive.

Always investigate excess cover and added additional benefits.

Other insurance saving tips

  • Lower premiums are available to drivers with good road behavior records
  • Fewer claims translates into lower premiums
  • Keep vehicles in a roadworthy condition
  • You should also always wear safety belts
  • Raise excess limits – lower deductibles do not warrant higher premiums
  • Repair minor damages
  • Drop collision cover if the vehicle is of low value and fully paid
  • More safety devices like airbags, tracking and security features will lower monthly premiums
  • Mid-range family-type vehicles are cheaper to insure than upmarket models.
  • And also, undertake a driver education course for a lower premium.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 7, 2019