Woman’s Car Insurance Premiums vs Men’s Car Insurance Premiums

Do Women Pay Less than Men for Car Insurance?

Applying lipstick and chatting on cell phones may be synonymous with female drivers. So do women pay less than men for car insurance?

Statistically, they present a much lower risk factor than men on the road.

That is the reason that women pay less than men for car insurance cover.

According to a spokesman for 1st For Women when asked the question “Do women pay less than men for car insurance?”:

  • Women shy away from road rage
  • Women take fewer risks on the road
  • Also, women stick to speed limits
  • Women make more careful decisions than their male counterparts
  • Women are better drivers because they are less likely to be distracted while driving

do women pay less

Apparently, these attributes are a worldwide phenomenon, making women a lower risk factor.

Statistically, more men than women are killed every year on South African roads.

According to Arrive Alive statistics, 60% more men die in traffic accidents, with the 25 to 34 year age groups at the upper end of the risk value scale.

However, car insurance companies view women as more likely to cause accidents because of their tendencies to use their cell phones while driving.

That is seen as an extremely dangerous habit that can increase fatality risks nine-fold.

Despite this, car insurance premiums for women remain lower than those for men.

Reasons given include:

  • Young men are apt to acts of road rage
  • Car insurance companies regard young men as aggressive drivers and more likely to become involved in car accidents
  • Men, in general, are more likely than women to drink and drive
  • Men are more likely to ignore speed limits
  • Also, men are more likely to drive dangerously
  • Men are more likely not to use seat belts

There are many other issues at stake when obtaining car insurance.

These include the age of the driver, the type of vehicle driven, personal credit history and perhaps the biggest factor of them all – the age of the driver.

The three major categories that affect car insurance premiums are:


Statistics prove that women are in fewer accidents than men. That translates into lower premiums for men.

Furthermore, because men are less likely to wear seat belts, they spell a higher risk factor for serious injuries and bigger insurance claims.


Statistics prove that men are more likely to break speed limits than women, accelerating the chances of them being involved in speeding accidents.

Driving Under the Influence

Statistics prove that the law enforcement arrests more men than women for driving under the influence of alcohol.

While men may view car insurance premium guidelines as a “gender bender”, the fact remains that the biggest issue when it comes to car insurance is whether the applicant is a man or a woman.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 5, 2019