Allsure Swiftcare Benefits from Mutual and Federal

If you have an Allsure policy from Mutual and Federal, you will qualify for Allsure Swiftcare Benefits. This value-added service is free and comes standard with your Allsure policy.

Swiftcare benefits can be accessed at any time of day if you are in South Africa. If you are in one of the countries next to South Africa, you can still receive benefits telephonically.

It is important to note that the benefits will only apply if you report the matter to the call centre before calling anyone else for assistance.

The additional benefits that you have access to will depend on what kind of policy you have.

Allsure Swiftcare Road Assistance

allsure swiftcareIt covers not only assistance at the home of the policyholder but also any other place where you need help.

For the cover, this includes areas that are not usually classified as by the side of the road.

Alsure swiftcare will include call out fees and an hour’s labour as well. The maximum cover per incident is R500. Swiftcare will cover you for three such events annually.

Emergency incidents that occur in the traditional “roadside” area are not included in this total, and you can enjoy unlimited cover for these.

Also in the event of an accident, Swiftcare will arrange for the car to be towed, medical help, if needed, etc. It is important not to let anyone tow the vehicle without getting thumbs up from the call centre first.

Home Assistance

This covers call out fees and also an hour’s labour costs for incidents. Cover for non-emergency claims is only for three annual events. Emergency incidents are not subject to the same limitations.

Medical Benefits

If you have a medical emergency that is life-threatening, you will be entitled to be transported by ambulance to the closest hospital.

The company will provide a guarantee of no more than R5000 to ensure that you are admitted as quickly as possible.

This benefit is not paid out in cash and will not be set-off against expenses while in-hospital and covers only the admission fee – it is there solely to ensure that you get the care that you need when you need it.

So if you do have medical aid cover, Allsure Swiftcare will reclaim any admission fees paid to the hospital.

Included as well is some liability insurance to cover injuries to visitors or staff on your premises, injuries caused by pets, and road accident injuries to your pets.

Home & Lifestyle Discounts

These will update on a regular basis so be sure to check with the call centre what benefits are here. You will qualify for discounts on solar geysers and on regular household maintenance as well.

There are several other benefits as well, including trauma counselling, replacement of keys, hotel accommodation, etc. It is best to look through your policy document to find out exactly what the range of cover is.


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All info was correct at time of publishing December 4, 2018