Who Are South Africa’s Best Car Insurance Companies

Who are the best car insurance companies in South Africa?

Everyone has a different set of factors to decide which of the many car insurance companies should be included in their list. It really depends on what you feel is most important to you.

Different benefits and parts of the cover appeal to different people and these can change as you move through your life.

Insurance Agents Try to Cater to Individual Needs Depending On Everyone’s Situation

Best car insurance companiesWhat cover do you need when you marry, what about children, how far is it from home to work and are you retired? You also need to consider you budget when you are looking for insurance.

Average insurance rates will provide average insurance for the average car. All insurance companies can offer basic insurance but what if you need something different. This is when you need to look more closely.

Despite This Choosing the Best Car Insurance Companies is Easier than Think

Single Mums need roadside assistance that they can rely on. They may also need additional medical cover and assistance. Most of all they need to know that their insurance cover is fully affordable. AA Insurance is perfect for single Mums and it offers an extra benefit, automatic AA membership with all of its policies.

Sales reps often travel many miles. When you get a new car it can mean higher insurance premiums. Choose the right policy and you will also get better cover for that higher premium. How about a loan car when your own is off the road. When you do get problems with your car a fast response to get you back on the road is all important if you are driving for work. Find out which companies offer the best services in this area before signing up.

Retired or working from home people have special needs. If your car is older but still in great order you don’t need the same insurance as other road users. How about a “pay as you drive” policy. Check out the benefits for policies such as the one from MiWay Insurance which charge premiums by the mile. Get great cover according to the number of miles you drive.

Problems affording insurance: You can get affordable cover that helps pay for damage you have caused. It can also offer cover if your car is stolen. Most South African insurers will offer it. Ask for Third Party, Fire, and Theft policy details.

Take the following list which we’ve created for you, of the best car insurance companies in South Africa as your starting point. They each have their own differences so start by researching exactly what it is you are looking for. Identify your needs and then tick each company off, one by one to find the best policy for you.

The Best Car Insurance Companies in South Africa


All the best car insurance companies claim to offer the best premium prices, just to get your attention and your business. Despite this they do need to be reliable and have great track records for you to trust them with your premium money.

They need to pay out when required and they should be able to respond to you quickly and efficiently whenever you have a problem.

When comparing the companies, find four or five benefits to compare. That way you’ll know if they are capable of meeting your needs other than the cheapest premium.

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All info was correct at time of publishing February 3, 2021