Cheap Car Insurance For Women (This Is For Women Only)

Cheap car insurance for women is what I needed in order to get my insurance premium lowered. It was that time of year again – when everything seems to go up except salaries.

Cheap car insurance for women seemed like a distant dream.

I had insured my car the year before and less-than-eagerly anticipated the love letter announcing my new premium for car insurance coverage – increased of course. A R60 increase that I could not afford!

R60 might not seem much but I have not claimed on my insurance in the last three years and I would have liked to receive a “thank you for not claiming, you’re the type of client we love” letter, not another increase.

Cheap Car Insurance for WomenLove of Shoes

Thinking “why does the world hate me” and “why can’t I spend less on car insurance and more on that fabulous pair of heels on sale”?

I set out to get my car insurance lowered. (I am a 23 year old with a heightened love of shoes).

And I phoned that dreaded call centre number whispering “woosah woosah” to myself.

My call was answered, faster than expected. ‘Harry’ (probably not his real name) managed to sound all chirpy and excited to hear from me! Good start. Now to ruin his day (or so I thought).

First he needed to verify my details to ensure I was not an agent trying to decrease the premium on my behalf (not that would be a useful service!). Next, he offers to look into my record and re-analyze my premium. Here’s What I Learnt –

Since I Had Not Claimed in the Period Insured with Them, Yes I am a Good Client who Deserves a Lower Premium

  • Premiums are increased yearly in a “batch” format. This means they do not look into YOUR records specifically but rather bundle all those in their specific categories who are due for their annual increase and decide on the amount!
  • You DO NOT have to wait for the first “new rate” premium to occur. You can call them immediately after receiving your love letter and they are obliged to look into it.
  • Cheap car insurance for women is definitely possible because women pose a lesser risk to insurance companies
  • If you don’t call or get a cheap car insurance quote online, you won’t know! Your premium will go up, and it is your fault for not complaining!


What a policy. What an attitude!

 Car Insurance Premium Lowered

In practice, I got my car insurance premium lowered (instead of increased). From R691 I will now be paying R571 with a reduced excess from R3300 to R2800.

But, on second thoughts, such rip-off insurance companies deserve to be punished.

Next year I will shop around, and keep shopping around each year, until I find a car insurance company that wants to SERVE ME not “grab my bucks” if I don’t phone to argue with them.

Cheap car insurance for women

I suggest you shop around too. The time spent getting car insurance quotes is likely to be well worth the effort. And don’t forget that there ARE companies that offer lower rates for women. And that you get the cheapest car insurance quotes online.

With the extra money in the bank account every month, I guess I can get those heels after all…

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All info was correct at time of publishing July 2, 2018