Auto & General’s BetterCar Value Deals

    January 8, 2019

    Auto & General’s BetterCar Value is Affordable Enough for Anyone

    Auto & General’s BetterCar value vehicle insurance supplies some of the most trusted insurance packages in the industry, supporting everything from cars to commercial vehicles, caravans, and trailers. Carrying years of experience and one of the broadest networks in the business, you can’t go wrong with Auto & General. Here is a closer look at their products and services.

    Comprehensive Auto Insurance

    With comprehensive auto insurance from Auto & General, you are covered for everything in the case of an accident, theft or third party damage. They even cover your accessories. Here is an overview of what comprehensive insurance gives you:

    • Towing & Storage
    • Accident Cover
    • Death or Injury to 3rd Parties
    • Damage to 3rd Party Property
    • Accessory Cover to the Value of R10,000
    • Adjustable Cover Allowing to Change the Amount That The Insurance Company Insures You For

     bettercar valueThird Party, Fire & Theft Cover

    Auto and General fully covers damage to or from a third party, however, please keep in mind that any damage occurring to your vehicle is not part of your cover. If you lose your car to either theft or hijacking, you are capable of claiming the value.

    Third Party Only

    Third party only gives you basic third party cover, covering expenses against a third party but not costs pertaining to your vehicle.

    BetterCar Value

    Bettercar Value from Auto & General has reinvented their traditional approach of insuring at either market, retail or trade value. A major highlight of their service is the fact that Auto & General will replace your vehicle if it is entirely lost with a car that is the same make and series, but just one model later. Most people opt for this great form of cover, giving you a better car with less mileage in the case of losing your vehicle.

    The Extent of Your Cover

    When you opt for comprehensive cover insurance protects you in almost every way possible. From gradual deterioration to defective oil and lubricant damage, your support is complete. Mechanical, electrical and electronic breakdown, defect, malfunction or failure of any sort is part of your cover. Vehicle services, cleaning, and limited lifespan parts are also a part of usual wear and tear, as per Auto & General.

    Customer Support from Auto & General

    Auto & General is a fantastic insurer with an excellent record of following through on all claims, yet their customer support is not of the same caliber as many competitors. The company will resolve your complaint, but correspondence can be slow, and clients lodge administrative complaints quite often. Nonetheless, despite these communication nuances, the service is excellent.

    Bettercar Value Shines as a Top Contender

    In the past, car insurance from Auto & General was heralded as among the best in the country. They even led the way in 2013, with the best rates and service in the industry. Since 2013 support has dwindled ever-so-slightly, resulting in a larger amount of complaints than most other insurers. Yet, Auto & General remains one of the best insurers in South Africa, giving cover that is flexible and affordable.

    If you need insurance which gives you total loss cover that is more generous than is found from most other offerings, look no further. Those who need the bare minimum cover with great scope should not overlook this innovative product, BetterCar Value.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing