First for Women Car Insurance Is A First For Insurance

    July 6, 2018

    First for women car insurance is something where every aspect of the product is purely based on the female market.

    It’s always great to find something that is exclusively for women because, let’s face it, we’re special.

    So what does 1st for women offer and how does it differ from other car insurance quotes?

    Things Only the Fairer Sex Need to Know About First for Women Car Insurance

    First for women car insurance

    1. First for Women insurance specializes in insurance products for women
    2. The Sunday Times voted them the best short term insurance brand in 2010.
    3. First for Women car insurance has an insurance trust that gathered more than R24 million for South African women in need.
    4. The company started in 2002 after market research showed a need for women-based insurance products and
    5. Budget car insurance underwrites 1st for women car insurance.

    With a First for Woman car insurance quote you have three options to choose from:

    1. Comprehensive cover: Comprehensive cover is car insurance that covers all of the basics and includes accident, fire, theft and third party cover.
    2. Third party fire and theft cover: This option does not include accidental damage but it does cover the rest – like third party, theft and fire.
    3. Third party only cover: This option only insures against damage and legal costs created by damage to other people’s property.

    Additional options on offer

    First for women car insurance give you the choice of an additional added benefit that you can add to your online cheap car insurance called BetterCar Value.

    Adding this option allows you to find a better car if your car is hijacked, stolen or needs to be replaced. So the better car will either be an earlier model or have fewer kilometres on the clock.

    How They Compare

    Car insurance in South Africa is generally aimed at men. Because women are safer drivers, due to their natural caution and motherly instincts, you will not find another company that provide insurance quotes aimed at women alone.

    In a comparison to Iwyze car insurance, the quotes form First for women car insurance for a female driver where much cheaper.


    Significantly, when looking for insurance that is based on the specific needs of women you are at the right place. That is because the products are by women for women – and they know exactly what women want.

    This is a concept that no man can fully understand. First for women car insurance allows a woman to pay less for insurance based on her virtues. Safer driving and a motherly instinct sure has its benefits.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing