First for Women Reviews

    February 10, 2019

    What makes First for Women Reviews on Insurance Unique?

    1. Their insurance is especially for lower-risk women drivers
    2. A portion of all premiums go to organisations such as Violence Against Women
    3. Access their insurance via the 1st For Women App anywhere, anytime
    4. Their road assistance and Directions Assist offer peace when navigating South Africa’s treacherous roads
    5. Lots of interesting ‘extra’ cover such as their Guardian Angel Lifestyle Assistance
    6. First for Women reviews and word of mouth show the company does deliver on its promises

    Insurance for Lower-Risk Drivers

    First for Women Insurance says that certainly when it comes to driving cars, men are high risk. They feel that women shouldn’t have to pay the same insurance premiums as men because they drive more carefully. Debatable as that may be, the fact remains, that the women of South Africa have insurance that has been First for Women Reviews on Car Insurancedesigned with their needs in mind.

    A Full-House of Insurance Products

    First for Women offers tailor-made insurance that prepares women for any event. They offer vehicle insurance, life-, home contents-, buildings-, personal- and portable possessions Insurance.

    Women appreciate that the insurance company supports groups with initiatives close to their heart. These include violence against women and cervical cancer. Each month, a certain portion of all premiums is donated to these particular organisations who are focusing on these causes.

    In the 21st century, more women are taking out their own insurance policies, and 1st for Women provides this insurance specifically for women, meeting them on their own terms.

    An App to Access Insurance Easily

    Since 2004, First for Women has been offering exceptional value to women. In the 21st century, they are making it that it is much easier for women to access their insurance. By downloading the 1st for Women app you can take 1st for Women with you wherever you go. You simply download their free app by visiting Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

    It would seem that with so much excellent insurance opportunities for women by women, that First for Women would be inundated with compliments. However, when you start looking at public reviews about the insurer, you see there are the usual problems.

    First for Women Reviews Include Few Complaints

    One of the more recent complaints on HelloPeter suggests that there are women who aren’t at all charmed by the services they’ve received from First for Women.  The complaint goes on to suggest that in spite of never having missed a premium in the 4 years she has been paying car insurance, First for Women hasn’t lived up to their promises.

    As a result, she is changing her insurance as she says 1st For Women doesn’t fulfil her needs by a long way. When you take a look at reviews on HelloPeter, it is a mixed bag of both positive and negative feedback.

    Do research and you will find that even the best insurers receive their negative feedback. On the other hand, there are many aspects worth mentioning that are good and which are worth considering when choosing insurance.

    First for Women offers –

    • lots of insurance options to choose from
    • their Directions Assist is an excellent 24 hours service that is your ‘companion’ on your journeys and which checks to make sure you’ve arrived safely at your destination
    • road assistance

    You can contact First for Women by phoning them on 0861 91 77 73 or emailing them. You can also go into their offices in Randburg, Gauteng.

    Help to get through Troublesome Times

    First For Women offers insurance specifically designed for women. The insurance has been designed to help women get through any troublesome areas of their life. Some of the valuable ‘extra’ cover they offer includes their BetterCar product, their Guardian Angel Lifestyle Assistance and the All Woman Dread Disease Cover, among others.

    First for Women reviews are both good and bad, but for many women in South Africa, they feel that the insurer has enriched their quality of life and that as a woman, you should see what they can do for you too.

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