First for Women Car Insurance Quotes

    December 8, 2018

    Being without a car means inconvenience. It is for this reason that it is so important to take care of the car you have. Having car insurance is important. It is a way of looking after your car. Though, admittedly, the latest technology has revolutionized the newest vehicles, make them safer than ever. When it comes to vehicle insurance quotes things are different. Some insurance companies such as First for Women Car Insurance use non-driving related risk factors to determine their rates. Get First for Women car insurance quotes now.

    Different Risk Profiles than Men

    With First for Women Car Insurance, the insurers will determine how much risk they’ll face when insuring you. The insurer takes into account the age of the driver, gender, the type of car and your driving record. First for Women Car Insurance Quotes

    Women pay less than men do for car insurance. And this pricing gap is because women are safer drivers than men.

    Women are less likely than men to take risks on the roads. They are less likely to break speed limits and get into car accidents. And also they are less likely to engage in road rage incidents.

    1st for Women is an advocate for women. They allow South African female motorists to enjoy the benefits of paying cheaper car insurance premiums. And they also offer other first-time car insurance products and support programmes designed with women in mind. These are different from the insurance products that have always been designed essentially for men.

    First for Women Car Insurance Quotes Erase Your Travel Worries

    First for Women Car Insurance cites that safe drivers like women deserve the best protection and they offer four types of insurance policies: Comprehensive, 3rd Party Only, 3rd Party Fire & Theft and BetterCar Insurance. Because the know how women think, 1st for Women car insurance sets about compensating women when they request insurance quotes. Offering savings of some 40% in policy premiums, unlike other insurances, these quotes are significantly lower just because you’re a woman. Online car insurance quotes are as easy as filling in First for Women’s online form or by phoning them on 0860 10 35 51.

    First for Women Insurance Offers Good Accident Cover

      • With First Time Car Insurance, their Comprehensive policy is the best, as it is an all-inclusive, all-encompassing policy, covering you and your vehicle for all eventualities. In South Africa where theft is regarded as a pastime, having Comprehensive Car Insurance can give a girl peace of mind. It supplies cover against damage and injury.
      • For adventure-loving girls, First for Women Car Insurance also offers Off-road Insurance for driving those 4X4s or SUVs over treacherous and rough terrain.
      • First for Women also offers BetterCar; their most recent car insurance addition. With other insurance policies you insure your car for its market value, but where do you find car insurance where in the event that your car is written off, you are able to replace it with a newer model with certain terms and conditions applying. This is exactly why 1st for Women Car Insurance is the friend of women; they support the empowerment of women in South Africa.
      • Your Third Party Only Insurance policy isn’t for your car but is for your protection; covering all your expenses for the damage you caused to the other person’s vehicle in an accident.
      • First for Women’s Third Party, Fire & Theft insurance protects your car against fire related damages as well as theft and damages you have caused to someone else’s vehicle during an accident.


    Prepared for Any Event – Get First for Women Car Insurance Quotes

    No one wants to think of an accident in your car or having it stolen, but in South Africa it is highly inevitable. Women in South Africa can be prepared for this reality with an insurance company who understands their unique needs. First for Women Car Insurance quotes tailor an insurance package around each of their female client’s individual requirements.

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