1st for Woman Bike Insurance

    December 8, 2018

    Women, just like men, have got a need for speed. 1st for Woman bike insurance ensures it. Women are taking up motorbike riding and racing big time. 1st for Woman have taken note. They know that more women are taking up motorbiking and mountain bike riding over weekends,

    First for Woman offers cheap, quality insurance for female riders. The insurance is specifically for females in South Africa. This popular insurance company addresses all the queries women have around insurances and their hobbies.

    Women Opt for Specialised Bike Insurance

    South Africa offers some of the biggest cycling races in the world. The Cape Argus and the Cape Epic Mountain Bike race are two. And the fact that good bikes can cost anything from R6,000 to R120,000, insurance makes sense.

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    A mountain bike satisfies the longing for wild, remote areas, but navigating a mountain bike over all kinds of terrain; from narrow pathways to sand, mud and gravel down slopes can be hazardous and can damage an expensive mountain bike. From mountain bikes from top brands such as Merida, Giant, GT Bikes, Scott and Mongoose you need the reassurance of insurance. FirstforWoman offers insurance tailored to the unique needs of their female riders.

    Covered 1st for Woman Bike Insurancefor Damage and Theft

    Sometimes a motorbike, whether for getting around or for joining the breakfast run isn’t enough for a woman. The beauty about 1st for Woman insurance is that they offer a broad range of policies to suit every need. Insuring bikes is just one. Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance covers your motorcycle against damages and theft.

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    Just the same as with their motor cars, in South Africa the stats show that female bikers are significantly safer on the road than their male counterparts and it is therefore not surprising that women’s motorcycle insurance is discounted by 1st for Woman in appreciation of this.

    Women riders usually get some quotes from other insurance providers and compare them to find out exactly what’s in it for them and what’s not. First for Women insurance simply takes all the legwork out of finding women riders the best and lowest motorcycle and mountain bike insurance.

    First for Woman offer Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance to protect motorcycles against damage and theft. For instance, if a third party’s property is damaged in an accident where you are involved, 1st for Woman will take care of the damages and all the expenses relating to the accident. Not only that they also offer other useful and helpful benefits such as

    • up to R50 000 for damages to property
    • by using 1st for Women’s towline service, you enjoy towing and storage of your damaged motorcycle
    • if you store accessories such as your GPS, your leather jacket, gloves or helmet in your motorcycle and someone steals it, you have cover up to a certain amount

    What female motorcycle drivers love about 1st for Woman is that they put the safety and security of women as one of their main concerns. With their Accident Assist service, women are offered towing to their nearest panel beater after an accident.

    With 1st for Woman Bike Insurance, there’s No Excuse not to be Insured

    If you’re into motorbiking, road cycling or mountain biking, make sure the entire experience remains what it is meant to be – stress-free. Not having the appropriate amount of insurance could be an unnecessary spoke in the wheel, and with 1st for Woman insurance backing women 100% and providing the lowest insurance there is, there is simply no excuse not to be insured.

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