Dial Direct Car Insurance – Simple, Smart and Direct

    July 1, 2018

    Dial Direct car insurance offers a long list of different insurance cover including insurance for cars, homes and their contents, portable items, personal insurance as well as life insurance.

    They also offer insurance for businesses – simple, smart and direct.

    Dial Direct Insurance South Africa is a branch of the Dial Direct UK which was started in South Africa in 2003.

    This company claims it is very affordable in terms of the price of car insurance. Dial Direct Car Insurance offers South Africans a number of options depending on what they can afford.

    Dial Direct Car Insurance Third Party Only Cover

    Dial Direct car insuranceThis type of insurance is ideal for those who can just afford the least amount of car insurance South Africa drivers can have.

    This cover is considered ideal for those who have cars of low value. When you are involved in an accident in which other people are injured or their vehicles are damaged, you don’t have to worry about paying them.

    Dial Direct Car Insurance will do it for you. But if your car is damaged, you will not be compensated for that. This cover also does not take care of damage to your car caused by fire. You will also not be compensated if your car gets stolen.

    Third Party, Fire and Theft

    This cover is better than third party only as it also covers you against fire and theft. With this cover other people who suffer loss or injury because of an accident you caused will be paid for by Dial Direct Car Insurance.

    If a car being towed by your car gets damaged, Dial Direct will still take care of it. On top of this you will not have to worry about your car being stolen or destroyed by fire. Dial Direct will repair your car or replace it.

    Comprehensive Car Insurance

    This is the best option for car owners as it covers more things than the two types of cover above. Apart from compensating you if your car gets stolen or destroyed by fire and paying those injured by your car, this cover takes care of your car as well.

    If your car is involved in an accident, Dial Direct will pay for repairs or replace it. Note that Dial Direct Car Insurance’s comprehensive cover is different from the one offered by other insurance companies. It also covers you in case you were driving a neighbour’s car and you got involved in an accident.

    Once you become a customer of Dial Direct Car Insurance, you can also sign up for additional cover:

    Touch Up Cover: This cover takes care of minor repairs your car might need including scratches and dents on the body.

    Sound System Cover: You can also get cover for the music system in your car.

    Tyre and Rim Guard: Pays for repairs for damaged tyres and rims.

    With such great benefits, you should consider Dial Direct Insurance when looking at car insurance quotes. Getting insurance quotes from Dial Direct is easy and free. You only need to get the Dial Direct contact details from the website and call.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing